Dylan Farrow Fires Back After Scarlett Johansson Says She Believes Woody Allen

Scarlett Johansson on the red carpet ahead of the "Marriage Story" screening during the 76th Venice Film Festival
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Dylan Farrow is calling out Scarlett Johansson.

Dylan Farrow is calling out Scarlett Johansson.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Johansson strongly defended Woody Allen, whom she's worked with on multiple films. The recent #MeToo and Time's Up movements have shed a new spotlight on allegations against Allen made by Farrow -- his adoptive daughter, whose mother is actress Mia Farrow -- who has long alleged that Allen molested her when she was seven years old. Allen, who has never been charged with a crime regarding the alleged incident, has repeatedly denied the claims.

"I love Woody," Johansson told THR. "I believe him, and I would work with him anytime."

Farrow responded to Johansson on Twitter, calling out the actress' outspoken support of the Time's Up movement.

"Because if we've learned anything from the past two years it's that you definitely should believe male predators who 'maintain their innocence' without question," Farrow wrote. "Scarlett has a long way to go in understanding the issue she claims to champion."

Farrow also hit back at Joy Behar, who defended Allen during Thursday's episode of The View, claiming that he had been "exonerated by the experts." Behar's co-host, Sunny Hostin, later pushed back.

"@JoyVBehar saying that the experts have exonerated Woody Allen is utterly false and a truly abhorrent mischaracterization," Farrow claimed on Twitter. "Thank you to @sunny for pushing back on the false narrative Woody Allen has tried so hard to perpetuate."

Meanwhile, during Johansson's candid new interview, she said she was still in touch with 83-year-old Allen, and that she has talked openly with him about the allegations.

"I see Woody whenever I can, and I have had a lot of conversations with him about it," she shared. "I have been very direct with him, and he's very direct with me. He maintains his innocence, and I believe him. It's hard because it's a time where people are very fired up, and understandably. Things needed to be stirred up, and so people have a lot of passion and a lot of strong feelings and are angry, and rightfully so. It's an intense time."

Multiple actors who have starred in Allen's films -- including Michael Caine and Timothée Chalamet -- have distanced themselves from the director after working with him. Last January, Chalamet announced he was donating his entire salary from his film with Allen, A Rainy Day in New York, to the charities Time’s Up, the LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN.

ET spoke with Chalamet's friend and Ladybird co-star, Saoirse Ronan, later that month at the SAG Awards, and she reacted to Chalamet's gesture. Watch the video below for more: