Eddie Murphy Says He'd Reprise 'Shrek' Donkey Role 'In 2 Seconds'

The comedian says that DreamWorks Animation should make a Donkey movie!

Wake up, Shrek fans -- Eddie Murphy says he's "absolutely" down to bring back everyone's favorite noble steed! 

Not only did the 61-year-old confirm his desire to reprise his iconic voice-acting role from the film franchise, but he also suggested he'd be interested in a spinoff focused entirely on Donkey.

"I'd absolutely be open if they ever came with another Shrek, I'd do it in two seconds. I love Donkey," Murphy said in an interview with Etalk. "You know, they did Puss in Boots movies...I was like, 'They should have done a Donkey movie. Donkey is funnier than Puss in Boots.' I mean, I love Puss in Boots, but he ain't funny as the Donkey."

Last month, Universal Pictures dropped its latest Puss in Boots installment, The Last Wish. The film features the titular Shrek franchise character voiced by Antonio Banderas and has been a critical and commercial success. It was recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

Murphy angled for his furry superstar to get a solo outing, adding, "Dreamworks, if you all want to do it, just call me. I'm ready. I'm sitting and ready to do Donkey."

Your move, DreamWorks Animation!

Murphy last voiced Donkey in 2010's Shrek Forever After, the fourth and final mainline film in the franchise. And he isn't the only cast member who has expressed their desire to return to the beloved series -- titular star Mike Myers is the captain of that particular train.

During a career-spanning video interview with GQ, Myers said he’d be “thrilled” if he could do one Shrek movie a year. "You know the old joke: I wouldn't want to be a member of a club that would have me as a member. I have always felt that way. The concept of going from a self-loathing ogre to a self-accepting ogre was meaningful to me," he said. "I love playing Shrek. If I had to do one Shrek a year, I'd be thrilled."

Variety reported in 2018 that Universal had tasked Illumination founder Chris Meledandri with overseeing a Shrek revival, but a new installment for the mainline series has yet to be officially announced.