'Elite': Here Is Your Dramatic First Look at Season 3 of Netflix's Teen Soap (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts a first look from the new season of the Spanish-language series.

The students of Las Encinas are back to stir up trouble.

Netflix's addictive Spanish-language teen soap, Elitekicks off its third season in just a matter of days and a brand new tragedy is about to capture everyone's attention: Who is responsible for Polo's (Alvaro Rico) death? 

But months before Polo's violent demise at a swanky high school party, he returns to the halls of Las Encinas as public enemy No. 1 after it comes out that he was ultimately the one responsible for killing Guzman's sister, Marina. In the upcoming eight-episode season, his schoolmates and former friends are finding it very difficult to keep things kosher with Polo, who has latched onto Cayetana (Georgina Amoros), as he attempts to worm his way back to their good graces.

Of course, there's more to the season than just the Polo problem keeping the guys and gals of Las Encinas occupied. There's college and their post-high school futures to think about, as well as the never-ending web of forbidden romances, revenge and betrayals, which threaten to destroy lives that were really only just beginning.

In ET's exclusive sneak peek from the new season, it's Valentine's Day and love is definitely not in the air as something is clearly bothering Ander (Aron Piper), who's been having relationship problems with his boyfriend, Omar (Omar Ayuso), for reasons we won't divulge here. "Do you know how lucky you are to have someone who's always there for you?" Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau) tells his friend (translated from Spanish), as Lu (Danna Paola) eavesdrops nearby. "Don't blow it, dude."

Once Ander takes Guzman's advice to heart, Lu approaches and fishes for intel on whether Guzman is planning on bringing a date to the Valentine's Day get-together later that evening. When he tells her he's going solo and won't stay if certain people are there, his eyes train on Polo and Cayetana (aka "Bonnie and Clyde"), who become aware that they're being watched. Of course, Lu picks a side in this ongoing war against Polo. Watch the clip above to find out what happens next.

Last September, ET asked co-creator Dario Madrona his thoughts on whether he will be giving Polo a redemption arc.

"I'm not sure about redeemable, but we definitely want people to understand him. To put themselves in his shoes," Madrona told ET following the second season. "He is someone who has done something awful and clearly has issues, but he also has a conscience and regrets, and most of the time is just a scared kid."

"I've read tweets saying that maybe in the third season he will become a mega villain, but that is not how we operate. It is much more interesting for us to have all the characters inhabit this gray area where everybody is capable of the best and the worst," he said. "We do not think of our show in terms of heroes and villains... And everybody is a hero in their own story -- the one they tell themselves, anyway."

For more on season three, watch the official trailer below.

Season three of Elite drops Friday, March 13 at 12:01 a.m. PT on Netflix.

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