Ellen DeGeneres Channels Jennifer Lopez While Visiting the Singer’s 'All I Have' Show in Las Vegas -- Watch!

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Lil Ellen’s in the house!

Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres paid a visit to Jennifer Lopez at her All I Have residency show at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Monday's episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

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But hanging with Lopez backstage at the AXIS Theater and scoring prime VIP table seats for the glitzy concert wasn’t enough for the 59-year-old comedian -- she also insisted on becoming Lopez’s understudy, stealing her furniture and getting a personal shout-out from the singer on-stage!

DeGeneres walked into the J. Lo's dressing room wearing her own version of the plunging emerald Versace gown that Lopez wore to the 2000 GRAMMYs, declaring that she was there to act as an understudy.

“There are no understudies in these type of shows,” Lopez, 48, attempted to explain. "It’s called Jennifer Lopez: All I Have, so it’s hard for it to be, like, ‘Jennifer Lopez: But It’s Not Jennifer Lopez -- It’s Ellen.”

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros

DeGeneres didn’t buy it, continuing to make herself at home and marking up furniture she wanted removed once the dressing room became hers. The pair also did some hilarious vocal warm-ups together, before DeGeneres eventually left the room -- taking a bouquet of flowers and a chair with her.

She also convinced Lopez to give her a shout-out at the concert -- as long as she was referred to as “Lil Ellen,” to differentiate her from any other audience members named Ellen.

The television star got her wish later that night when Lopez gave her a mid-show shout-out and even threw her the glittery New York Yankees hat she was wearing.

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DeGeneres isn't the only one surprising her celebrity pals. See who turned up at the star's pool while she was out of town in the video below.

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