Ellen DeGeneres, Cynthia Nixon and More Stars Highlight Refugee Crisis, Protest Trump On July 4th

Ellen DeGeneres, Chelsea Handler and Common
Scott Dudelson, Alberto E. Rodriguez, Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Some celebs used the holiday to speak out on social injustice.

The Fourth of July is a time for barbeques, fireworks, and, if we're getting historical, political revolution and reform.

This year, some celebs are doing more than posting selfies from the beach or draping themselves in American flags to commemorate the holiday -- they are using their voice and platform to speak out about the injustices they feel should be recognized during America's 242nd birthday.

Ellen DeGeneres took to Twitter on Wednesday to celebrate the holiday with a message of inclusiveness and love for the immigrants, writing, "Happy 4th of July! This country of immigrants, religious refugees, outcasts and dreamers has come a long way. Let’s keep going."

Many stars also addressed those who have been turning out to political marches and demonstrations across the country over the last two years -- most recently at the many Families Belong Together marches protesting President Donald Trump's "zero-tolerance" immigration enforcement policies.

"Happy 4th of July! Remember, there is nothing more patriotic than protest," Oscar-winning rapper Common tweeted, along with a quote from the late Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall: "To protest against injustice is the foundation of all our American democracy."

Sex and the City star and political activist Cynthia Nixon shared her support as well, stating that "The #FourthofJuly is a day to celebrate everything that makes America great. So that’s what I’m going to do."

She then paid tribute to the school teachers, activists and those who have decided to enter the political arena for the first time in an effort to make a change in the world, and concluded with a message of hope and courage.

"Now is not the time to give up. It’s time to keep marching forward and, every day, ask the question, 'Does ‘we the people’ include all of us?'" Nixon wrote.

Other outspoken celebrity activists took the fight further, calling out the president directly, including talk show host Chelsea Handler, who apologized to all the other countries on earth for electing Trump.

"To every country on the 4th of July. We’re sorry about our president. He doesn’t reflect all of our views—and we hope you know that the majority of us are ashamed," she wrote. "We will rally each other and come back to the world one step at a time. #novemberiscoming #alsosorryabouthotdogs"

Meanwhile, director Ava DuVernay retweeted a post Trump shared early Wednesday morning in which he wrote, "Happy Fourth of July....Our Country is doing GREAT!"

"Happy Fourth of You Lie," DuVernay responded.

Westworld star Jeffrey Wright also called out the current administration with a summary of recent developments in Robert Mueller's on-going investigation into the Trump campaigns' alleged collusion with the Russian government.

"Happy 4th of July! Happy Birthday America! Your President*'s ex-campaign head's in jail and charged, among other things, with conspiracy against you. Your President*'s personal *wink* 'attorney' is in line to face similar charges and guess who's next!" Wright tweeted. "Enjoy the fireworks!"

Check out some of the politically minded messages other celebrities, athletes and politicians -- including Bill and Hillary Clinton -- shared to Twitter in honor of the holiday.