Ellen DeGeneres Scares Sarah Paulson Three Times in One Show, Brings Her to Tears: Watch

Sarah Paulson on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'
Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Celebrities getting scared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is nothing new, but Sarah Paulson's reaction may be the best one yet.

The 42-year-old American Horror Story: Cult star recently appeared on the daytime talk show, airing Tuesday, when DeGeneres took it upon herself to scare her three different times. Paulson actually cries when DeGeneres first scares her in her dressing room prior to the show, then gives an amazing scream when she's confronted onstage by a witch, and lastly, by a clown.

Check out Paulson hilariously hiding below a table after her third scare.

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Interestingly enough, Paulson says her personal phobias were written into the new season of American Horror Story. 

"Well, I don't like clowns, I have a fear of heights, I don't like bees," she shares. "I could be carrying a small child and if a bee came around, that baby's getting dropped. It's gotta go. ... Any sight of a bee will send me fleeing."

Paulson also explains trypophobia, a fear of clusters of holes, and has a visceral reaction when DeGeneres shows her a picture of a beehive.

"I just think they're disgusting," the actress explains. 

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American Horror Story: Cult premieres Sept. 5 on FX. Watch the frightening trailer -- which plays on fears of clowns, stalkers and even Donald Trump supporters -- below: