Watch Sarah Paulson’s Amazing Drew Barrymore and Holly Hunter Imitations on ‘Wheel of Impressions’

Sarah Paulson does 'Wheel of Impressions'

Sarah Paulson has embodied Marcia Clarke and even had two heads on American Horror Story, but on Tuesday night she faced her toughest (and funniest) challenge yet. The 42-year-old Golden Globe winner played Jimmy Fallon’s “Wheel of Impressions” on The Tonight Show, showing off her best voices. 

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First Paulson portrayed actress Kathleen Turner, who is famous for her husky voice. But the FX star really came into her own when she was tasked with voicing actress Holly Hunter while talking about gas stations. 

“This is so great. This is so superior to that service station on Wiltshire!” Paulson declared, using the Oscar winner’s signature Southern twang. “I love this so much.”

She also flawlessly imitated Drew Barrymore, who Fallon declared is “basically my sister-in-law.”

“I love her too,” Paulson declared, using Barrymore’s iconic lisp. “Thank you so much. Thank you. I’m so honored to be in attendance today. Thank you so much.” 

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Fallon also tried out his impressions of Al Pacino and Rage Against the Machine singer Zack de la Rocha.

Watch the clip to see more! And to see more celebrity impressions, watch the video below!