Emily Blunt Gets Some Help Singing From the Backstreet Boys: Watch Their Epic Duet!

Emily Blunt and the Backstreet Boys
The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Mary Poppins got some help from the Backstreet Boys!

Emily Blunt stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, and admits that despite signing on to play Mary Poppins in the new Disney sequel Mary Poppins Returns, she still has some reservations about singing. 

“I think it’s still not a natural thing for me. I find it very nerve wracking to sing in front of people,” she confesses before DeGeneres reveals that she's put a microphone out for the 35-year-old British actress. 

Blunt begrudgingly goes over to the mic, noting, “I just feel a bit exposed.” 

DeGeneres then brings out the Backstreet Boys to provide some much-desired backup for Blunt, who declares, “Now I can do it!”

The group then sing a verse from their hit song, “I Want It That Way,” and have Blunt recite the soulful final lyric. "You left me alone and you weren’t supposed to!” she exclaims, giving Nick Carter a playful shove. 

Blunt, of course, is singing all new songs on the soundtrack of the upcoming musical, which is out on Dec. 19. 

For more from the new movie, watch the clip below: 


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