Emily Blunt Sings 'A Whole New World' With Her 'Mary Poppins Returns' Co-Star Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel-Miranda and Emily Blunt
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Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda are in the Disney spirit!

On Thursday, the Walt Disney Studios Instagram account gave Miranda, 38, control of the page for day. Unsurprisingly, the results were pure magic. This is most clear in Miranda's pics and videos with 35-year-old Blunt, his Mary Poppins Returns co-star.

In perhaps the best video, the duo sings "A Whole New World" from Disney's Aladdin, much to the delight of fans.

"I can show you the world," Blunt, wearing a striking pink shirt, sings in the role of Aladdin.

"Shining, shimmering, splendid," they sing together, before arguing over which one of them in the princess with the next line. Miranda, wearing a blue sweater, eventually accepts that he's the princess, "Oh thank you," he responds to the distinction.

"When did you last," Blunt sings before Miranda joins in with, "Let your heart decide?"

"I can open your eyes," Blunt sings amid giggles, while holding open Miranda's eye.

"Aladdin rehearsal #Linstagram #MaryPoppinsReturns #IAmThePrincess #WeAreNotInAladdinWeAreInMaryPoppinsReturns," Miranda captioned the hilarious post.

The pair also team up for a short clip of "Moments in the Woods" from the 2014 flick Into the Woods, in which Blunt starred as The Baker's Wife.

Blunt and Miranda got into other shenanigans as well, trying -- and sometimes failing -- to take a few selfies.

Miranda had a lot of fun on his own too! The Hamilton creator excited fans with a couple of impressive Disney song mashups.

He also tried to use Boomerang, revealed why he used a Prince Harry mask, and shared a selfie with Dick Van Dyke. He even posted a video recreating a classic America's Next Top Model moment with Tyra Banks!

If you're beyond eager for the Dec.19 release of Mary Poppins Returns, Miranda was there to help! He gave fans a behind-the-scenes peek at some cool on-set moments.

ET caught up with Mary Poppins herself back in March, where Blunt revealed that she was scared of her character's flying scenes.

"I'm not amazing with heights and it was one of those things where they kind of [get] you up there and there's the moment before they bring you down for the shot, and it seems like that moment extends for a forever time frame," she said. "You're so high that if you look out you're higher than the trees and you look down. ... But it was an incredible moment, you know. Very disarming."

Of the Hamilton creator, Blunt kept it short and incredibly sweet. "Awesome. So talented. So cool," she gushed of Miranda.

Watch the video below for more of ET's sit-down with Blunt:


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