Eminem's Daughter Hailie Scott Opens Up About Her Relationship With Her Dad

The 22-year-old also shares what her plans are for the future.

Eminem and Hailie Scott still have a strong relationship.

The rapper's 22-year-old daughter opened up about her famous father in a new interview with Daily Mail released earlier this week.

The recent Michigan State University grad was asked if the "Lose Yourself" rapper was supportive of her and expressed, "Of course, we are very close."

Eminem's fans grew up listening about him rap about his daughter, which mostly included about the tumultuous relationship he had with his ex-wife and Hailie's mom, Kim Scott. Hailie, however, is now figuring out her future and making a name for herself in the spotlight as an influencer.

"I'm not sure yet, it's kind of up in the air," Hailie, who has close to a million Instagram followers, said about her future, adding that "people have been reaching out through [Instagram]" to work with her.

"Not so much [by] magazines, but companies who work with them," she shared.

While Eminem and Hailie haven’t been photographed together in recent years, the rapper dedicated the song "Castle" from his recent album, Revival, to his little girl.

In the track, he recites three letters to his daughter, dated at various points in his life. "You'll be coming out of Mommy's stomach soon/ I better do something quick if I'ma be able to support you," he raps. "Just thinking ahead, I’ma make it if it kills me/ Let’s see how far I can take it with this music."

The most emotional one is dated on Christmas Eve 2007, just before Hailie's 12th birthday, and in the thick of his drug addiction.

"A lot's happened in between them since I rised to this fame/ I've said your name but always tried to hide your face," he tells her. "And if things should worsen, don't take this letter I wrote. As a goodbye note, 'cause your dad's at the end of his rope."

For more on Eminem and how he recently celebrated 10 years of sobriety, watch the video below.



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