Emma Roberts Has the Best Reaction to Becoming a Meme

Emma Roberts
Jennifer Graylock/PA Images via Getty Images

The actress has an iconic response after unintentionally going viral.

Emma Roberts has a sense of humor about unintentionally going viral. The 30-year-old actress responded to becoming a meme, thanks to a video she posted on her Instagram.

Over the weekend, Roberts shared a video of herself on the beach posing in front of the camera set to "Happiness Is a Butterfly" by Lana Del Rey. The Scream Queens star looks glamorous as ever while smiling and giving her best looks to the cameras, at one point, sticking out her tongue. The video has over a million and a half likes.

The video quickly went viral as people created their own memes with the video, like one Twitter user who wrote, "Me trying to get the barista at Pret to give me my coffee for free." Roberts showed she was aware of the memes by responding on Tuesday. She shared a snippet of her now-famous video on Instagram Stories, writing, "Me going viral after 30. Thank you gays and whoever else."


ET spoke with Roberts' boyfriend, 36-year-old Garrett Hedlund in February, and he talked about how the two have been adjusting "fantastically" to parenthood after welcoming their son, Rhodes, in December.

"I like to call this period the precious delirium," he said. "Everybody says, 'Appreciate it. Soak it up. It goes by so fast,' so I'm really taking that advice and really trying to wallow in it."

"It's really remarkable," he added. "I like it. I smile from coast to coast all day long."

As for their baby boy, Hedlund gushed, "Every day is a blessing. He's an angel."

Meanwhile, back in October, Roberts spoke with ET about her mom, Kelly Cunningham, herself becoming internet famous after inadvertently confirming that her daughter was pregnant.

"She cannot be stopped!" Roberts joked. "She's like, 'I'm getting more followers, I'm getting so many texts!'"

Watch the video below for more.