Emma Stone on Becoming Cruella de Vil and Her 40 Costume Changes (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the actress via Zoom, where she explained what it was like transforming into the stylish Disney villain.

Emma Stone is opening up about the incredible costumes she gets to wear in Disney's Cruella.

While speaking to ET over Zoom, the 32-year-old actress revealed that she has over 40 outfit changes in the film, which is set in 1970s London amid the punk rock revolution. Stone stars as Cruella de Vil, one of Disney's most wickedly fashionable villains, opposite legendary fashionista Baroness von Hellman (Emma Thompson).

"[Costume designer] Jenny Beavan just had the time of her life. She kept saying this is how she dressed in the '70s, this is what she knew," Stone told ET's Nischelle Turner. "It was the way that she built the world, these costumes, these women were just on another level entirely. It was just incredible."

"I loved the garbage dress. Popping out of the garbage pile and then that extreme train, it was so, so cool," she added, of which on-screen look she loves most. "I thought that was gorgeous. It's really hard to choose a favorite because they're all so brilliant and so detailed-oriented."


Earlier this month, ET got an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at Stone transforming into Cruella in the hair and makeup trailer on set. "As we know, Cruella de Vil is pretty villainous. In this film, we get to see how she became the villain we know today," Stone says in the clip. "The story is wholly original in a different time period, being in the late '70s. One of the most fun things to explore is her creativity. She is very good at what she does, designing."

"The character is so much fun and so kind of intoxicating," she adds. "Once you put this wild black-and-white hair and this incredible makeup and these completely unique costumes on, you feel like Cruella de Vil. The villains are always kind of the fun ones!"

Cruella is in theaters and available on Disney+ with Premier Access May 28. In the meantime, hear more from Stone in the video below: