Emma Stone's Hairstylist Details How to Recreate Her Romantic Rose Hairdo (Perfect for Valentine's Day!)

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Celeb hairstylist Mara Roszak shows us how to create the actress' gorgeous flower-adorned hair step by step.

Need a new hair idea for Valentine's Day? 

Ever since we saw Emma Stone's auburn tresses adorned with red roses back in September, we could not get it out of our heads. The beautiful flowers complemented her soft, romantic waves and it's everything we want to wear for date night. 

With the amorous holiday coming up, we tapped Stone's hairstylist, Mara Roszak, who has worked with the actress for more than 10 years, to show us how to recreate the stunning style. 

"I always have florals in my home. Flowers are a constant inspiration for me in my life and so I had this wild idea to incorporate color into the look since her dress didn't have much [color] by using flowers. Emma was open to it and everyone was open to it so I ran, I was in New York City, and I ran to a local flower shop and grabbed a couple options and I wound up with beautiful, little red roses and went from there and it's one of my favorite looks that I've ever gotten to do." 

Channel Stone's gorgeous 'do with Roszak's easy step-by-step tutorial. 

1. Take a 1" Bio Ionic Curling Iron, open the tong and place an inch-and-a-half section of hair and horizontally clamp the section gently to create wave-like, semi-circle motions to create a soft indentation. From where you ended, do the same motion in the opposite direction. Continue all the way down the hair. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

2. Add texture and hold by spritzing the Joico Body Shake Texturizing Finisher and Joico Power Spray throughout the hair. 

3. Now it's time to place the roses. Cut stems leaving off about an inch, if you haven't done so already. Start from halfway down the head and tightly wrap the stem with a two-inch-long thin wire (available at craft stores) around a half an inch section of hair. Continue to add roses for an effortless cascading look until you're happy with the amount -- there is no rhyme or reason to this. Roszak recommends to start with bigger roses and with less so you can add in more later. If the wires need to be more secure, spritz a little bit of hairspray on the base where the rose meets the wire. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

"I always like to start with less and leave room to add more along the way. So I wasn't sure how many I was gonna use, but it really is that balance right of not overwhelming the look and taking over, but adding enough to make a statement and tell the story. So I kind of just added a couple, created a base and then sprinkled more in and created a fun shape that sort of was like her hair was raining roses in a way."

4. After placing the roses, take a few tendrils around the face from both sides and gently twist them and pin on the back of the head. Wrap a rose where the two twists meet to hide the pin. 

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