Stars React to Emmy Nominations

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Reactions quickly started pouring in after the Emmy nomination announcements and we've got all the latest comments from your favorite stars.

"Two and a Half Men" star Jon Cryer: "In a year when nothing much has happened on our show and you could barely find a word about me or my co-stars on the Internet, it is lovely to be recognized by the Academy in this way!" 

"Mad Men" lead Jon Hamm: "I am beyond thrilled that our show has achieved such recognition from the Academy. It is testament to the hard work of all our cast and crew and indicative of the pride we take in making each episode. Additionally, I'm very excited to be included in such an amazing group of individuals for lead actor. All in all a great morning."

"Glee" cast member Chris Colfer: "This morning I was dead asleep and my dad called me. .. I've made it to the point where if a phone rings very early in the monrning, I no longer think someone is dead, so I think it's progress. … It would be nice to have a buddy for my [Golden Globe] to play with while I'm away at work, like cats."

Jim Parsons: "Firstly, may I say how much more civilized it is to hear the nominations while on the East Coast, where they occur AFTER 8 a.m.? Secondly, I am over the moon that our show was nominated. I am so proud to be a part of 'The Big Bang Theory' always - so this chance for the whole team to be recognized and celebrate together is really thrilling. And, finally, I am so damn happy for Johnny Galecki. We have worked side by side for over four years now so believe me when I tell you how richly deserved this is for him."

Alec Baldwin: "I'm very grateful to the Academy and I'm looking forward to Season 6 of '30 Rock.'"

"The Killing" actress Michelle Forbes: "It is such a deep honor and surprise to receive this nomination from the Academy. Especially during this exciting time for television and year full of incredible performances. I am truly humbled to be in the company of such formidable, intelligent and extraordinarily gifted women in this category."

Ty Burrell: "I'm grateful to the TV Academy and so proud to be sharing this nomination with Ed, Jesse, Eric, Julie and Sofia. I love them all inappropriately. I want to congratulate Chris and Steve who run this ship, along with the rest of our huge 'Modern Family,' family. I would like to propose that these awards be settled by feats of strength. I would still lose to everyone, including both Chris Colfer and Jon Cryer, but it would be worth it to see us all in singlets."  

Kate Winslet: "I am completely beside myself with joy that 'Mildred Pierce' has received such tremendous acknowledgment!!!! I am incredibly proud to be a part of this great production. And especially thrilled for Todd Haynes today. All these nominations are thanks to his remarkable direction and generosity."

"Modern Family" star Ed O'Neill: "After all of these years in the industry, I am so touched and honored to be nominated for the first time for an Emmy Award -- especially on such a great show that I look forward to coming to everyday."

Jane Lynch tweeted: "'Glee,' Chris (Colfer) and me! Emmy noms. My birthday today as well. Imploding a bit here in Atlanta!"

"House" lead Hugh Laurie: "I m very excited. This time I'm going to put a whole rabbit on my keychain." 

Idris Elba: "This has been such an amazing morning for me! I am extremely honored to be nominated in two categories. 'Luther' has been such a passion project for me and working on (Showtime's) 'The Big C' was a great time. Also, my daughter told me I am going to be as famous as the guy from 'Twilight.'"

Loretta Devine: "I am so grateful and honored to be nominated. Working on 'Grey’s Anatomy' for the past few seasons has been a blessing and I have loved developing the character, Adele. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Shonda Rhimes and I want to thank her for keeping my character alive for all of these seasons."

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