Erika Jayne Says She Doesn't 'Give a F**k' If Her 'RHOBH' Co-Stars Believe Her Story

The reality star also told paparazzi that she was her own biggest champion.

Erika Jayne isn't worried about what her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars think about her side of the story!

The reality star is at the center of serious legal drama revolving around her divorce from Tom Girardi and allegations of embezzlement and conspiring to conceal assets.

She's adamantly denied knowing anything about the embezzlement allegations leveled against her husband and his law firm, and has slammed claims that their divorce was part of a scheme to hide assets from those suing Girardi.

Jayne spoke to photographers who approached her in West Hollywood on Wednesday, and addressed whether or not she's concerned that her RHOBH co-stars believe what she's said about her legal woes.

“I really don’t give a f**k if they do or they don’t,” she said, according to Page Six. When asked who she felt was her most ardent supporter, Jayne replied, "Me!"

The comments come the same day as the latest episode of RHOBH, during which Jayne claimed that she split from Girardi after she discovered that the 82-year-old lawyer was allegedly cheating on her.

Jayne claimed that she realized that her estranged husband had been unfaithful following his 2018 car accident, and when asked what woman he'd been with, Jayne stated, "Any of them. You can take a pick."

"You guys have no idea what I've been living through, no idea what I've been through," Jayne said, referring to Girardi's alleged infidelity. "This is my life."

Jayne said in a confessional that, after years of not prying, she felt the need to look through Girardi's phone to see if he was hiding anything.

"I found the evidence. It was text messages, it was pictures," she said. "I felt like it was years-long. Well, I know it was."

Jayne said Girardi had been "sloppy" about trying to hide the affairs, and that when she confronted him, he did not deny them.

Jayne, 50, filed for divorce from Girardi, 82, back in November, after 21 years of marriage. One month after Jayne filed for divorce, Girardi was forced into involuntary bankruptcy. In December, a lawsuit was filed against the pair on behalf of several families who lost loved ones in the Lion Air Flight 610 crash, which occurred in October 2018.

Girardi allegedly embezzled settlement money that was supposed to go to the family members of the victims. Girardi and Jayne are accused of using that money to fund their own lavish lifestyles and allegedly pay off loans to keep Girardi's law firm afloat.

In February, Girardi was placed under a temporary conservatorship. In March, a psychiatrist told courts that Girardi suffers from Alzheimer's disease, and that he is unable to care for his own personal or financial matters. On Tuesday, Girardi's brother filed official letters of conservatorship, according to court documents obtained by ET -- which also state that Girardi has "major neurocognitive disorder" and lacks the "capacity to give informed consent for medical treatment."

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a judge ruled that former clients of Girardi are allowed to pursue an $11 million collections lawsuit against Jayne. The development comes after the bankruptcy trustee investigating Girardi's assets discovered in June that Jayne's businesses have been given over $20 million in loans from Girardi's law firm over the span of multiple years.

Last Wednesday, new court documents were filed claiming that Jayne and two of her businesses received jewelry and other items purchased using funds belonging to her estranged husband's law firm. Ronald Richards, the attorney for the bankruptcy trustee, claims in the new docs that Jayne received lottery payments that belong to the Girardi Keese estate in addition to the "luxury items," which allegedly add up to a total of $25 million. 

For more on the ongoing legal scandal, see the video below.



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