ET Obsessions: ‘Annihilation,’ ‘This Is Love’ Podcast and More!

ET Obsessions
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Here’s what ET is obsessing over this week!

Here at ET, we’re obsessed with a lot of things -- and this is what we’re most excited about this week:

Why We’re Obsessed With ‘Annihilation’

From Ex Machina director Alex Garland comes a new sci-fi epic that fans and critics alike are calling a “masterpiece.” The new film adapted from the first book in Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy follows Lena, a biologist played by Natalie Portman, who volunteers to lead a team into an environmental disaster zone after her husband (Oscar Isaac) is grievously injured. The film also remarkably flips gender norms, with Portman’s Lena leading an all-female team played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, Gina Rodriguez, Tessa Thompson and Tuva Novotny, without calling it out -- like we just did! “It's really, really a privilege to be part of,” Portman told ET. “I really credit Alex for writing these characters and Jeff VanderMeer, of course, for conceptualizing them … and then casting this incredible group that I feel lucky to be part of. It is wonderful too, because it should be more normal. We're used to seeing a group of guys going on an expedition together, whether it’s military or scientific or whatever, and it shouldn't be unusual to see a group of women doing the same.”

Annihilation is in theaters on Friday, Feb. 23.

Why We’re Obsessed With ‘This Is Love’

From the makers of the award-winning podcast Criminal comes a new investigation into life’s most persistent mystery: Love. Titled This Is Love, the new series will tell not-so-obvious stories of sacrifice, obsession and devotion, like one woman’s attempt to save a baby whale and another story about a woman who becomes a best-selling author by writing 120 novels about her first romance. “When we started Criminal four years ago, we were excited to create a show that took a broad, humane and curious look at an overexposed and sometimes sensationalized topic. Criminal covers crime -- from the sometimes scary and heartbreaking to the sometimes quirky and off-the-wall,” host Phoebe Judge says. “And now, we’re in a place where we want to experiment and apply our approach to something new.” The end result is certainly not expected, but it is an intriguing must-listen.

This Is Love is now streaming on Radiotopia.

Why We’re Obsessed With ‘Frozen’ on Broadway

Frozen, the global animated phenomenon, has been transformed into a new musical for the Broadway stage. After a successful out-of-town tryout in Denver, Colorado, the show is finally opening in New York City. “Denver was magical. We’re really excited to unveil what we’ve come up with,” Cassie Levy told ET. The actress portrays Elsa onstage, with Patti Murin as Anna, Jelani Alladin as Kristoff and John Riddle as Hans. The highly anticipated spectacle, with music and lyrics by the creators of the hit film score, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, and a book by Jennifer Lee, will expand the story about the two princesses, who will be aged up in the production, which will provide audiences with a unique Frozen experience. “The story comes from a very personal, emotional place of what happens when a family is dealing with secrecy and shame and how you heal that,” Anderson-Lopez previously told ET.

Previews for Frozen start Thursday, Feb. 22 at the St. James Theatre.

Why We’re Obsessed With RaeLynn’s Glammed Unicorn Look

RaeLynn has turned her signature sparkle into a new partnership with TooFaced cosmetics -- and it’s the perfect way for fans to channel the country star’s unique unicorn-inspired look. “I've been obsessed with TooFaced for a really long time,” the 23-year-old told ET’s Certified Country. Between shimmering shadows, color-changing lipsticks and a rainbow highlighter, the “Life Is a Festival” collection is Coachella-ready -- but why wait until the next major festival? “The cool thing about it, it's so light that you could wear it every day and it not look clown-y,” RaeLynn added. “The makeup is such an amazing quality that you mix it all together, or even if you want to wear the rainbow, it hits in different lights, so it looks really cool.” And if unicorn is not your thing, there’s always mermaid or fairy. The delight of the collection -- and RaeLynn’s music -- is endless.

TooFaced’s “Life Is a Festival” collection is now available.

--Additional writing and reporting by Nishelle Turner, Sophie Schillaci and Stacy Lambe