How to Get RaeLynn's Shimmering Unicorn Glam Look (Certified Country)

Katie Kauss

The 'Lonely Call' singer is fronting a new Festival-inspired cosmetics line, complete with color-changing lipsticks and rainbow highlighter.

Just call her the Mother of Unicorns. 

RaeLynn is channeling her signature sparkle into a new partnership with TooFaced cosmetics as the frontwoman for the brand's "Life's a Festival" product line, launching Feb. 15. 

"I've been obsessed with TooFaced for a really long time, the first palette I ever bought was a TooFaced palette," the 23-year-old tells ET in this week's episode of Certified Country.

Between shimmering shadows, color-changing lipsticks and a rainbow highlighter, the collection is Coachella-ready -- but can go as bold or as subtle as you want. 

"The cool thing about it," Rae says, "it's so light that you could wear it every day and it not look clown-y --you know what I mean? The makeup is such an amazing quality that you mix it all together, or even if you want to wear the rainbow, it hits in different lights, so it looks really cool."

Watch the video below for a step-by-step treatment from RaeLynn's personal makeup artist, Aubrey Jones, for a sneak peek at the Unicorn, Mermaid and Fairy-inspired products. 

Of course, RaeLynn also dished on what to expect from her new music. The singer's first album, WildHorse, debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Hot Country Albums chart last year. 

But as part of the collaboration, RaeLynn is actually flexing her pop music muscles with her new EDM track, "Festival." 

The Voice alum says she's gearing up to unveil more new music "soon," including new songs that she's written as part of her publishing deal with Florida Georgia Line's Tree Vibez Music. 

"Those guys are special humans," she gushes of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley. "The way that they cater talent is super awesome and it's such a great place to be able to create music." 

As part of her work with Tree Vibez, RaeLynn has been actively involved in songwriting retreats, penning future tracks for both herself and other artists. 

"It was so much fun! We wrote some killer songs," she says. "They'll be out this year." 

As for her own sophomore LP, Rae says she's in "a really cool phase in life right now," drawing inspiration from "a lot of the strong women" in her life. 

"A lot of my favorite women have inspired a lot of the music that I'm writing now," she says. 

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