ET's Kevin Frazier to Appear on Travel Channel's 'Ghost Adventures: Quarantine'

Kevin Frazier
Greg Doherty/Getty Images for Entertainment Studios

ET's Kevin Frazier is returning to Ghost Adventures! Following a terrifying experience during a set visit for the Travel Channel show last year, Frazier is set to appear on Thursday's episode of Ghost Adventures: Quarantine to discuss his frightening ordeal with host Zak Bagans.

The mini-series follows Bagans throughout the two weeks he spent quarantining in his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada, amid the coronavirus pandemic. In an exclusive clip from Thursday's episode, Bagans encounters a paranormal entity walking near the Devil's Rocking Chair. 

The creepy clip takes place in the same room where, months earlier, Frazier experienced severe back pain after mocking the chair.

When Frazier spoke with Bagans earlier this month, the ET host revealed that he's now a believer after his experience at the museum.

"I think there are a lot of people out there who are like, 'It's not really that real,'" Frazier said. "I've been converted and it's really real, and it's really scary and I don't play with it."

Bagans agreed, telling the host, "I know when somebody has been affected by an experience and I know that you were affected by this."

As for why Bagans decided to quarantine himself in the Haunted Museum, he said simply, "This is my life."

"When this whole coronavirus shutdown shut us all down... we were depressed, we had anxiety. You could feel, like, tension in the air," he told ET. "I just didn't want to sit at home... I wanted to see if this worldwide global fear had any type of effect on the spiritual world... I wanted to go there while the museum has been shut down and hasn't been able to feed off or be distracted by any guests going there every day. And that's what I did." 

"I wanted to be locked down at the museum and literally do a quarantine-style lockdown to see if the global levels of fear and this whole pandemic has any effect or any ripple effect on the spiritual world," Bagans continued. "What we discovered and what we found, it was really unlike any other ghost adventures investigation we've ever done on many different levels... The levels of just the intensity inside that museum coupled with our own anxieties about what was going on, there was just an overall energy that is really indescribable." 

Part three of Travel Channel's four-part mini-series, Ghost Adventures: Quarantine, which will feature a Zoom interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, airs Thursday, June 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


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