Eva Longoria Says Her Maternal Instincts Were 'Bonkers' While Filming Live-Action 'Dora' Movie (Exclusive)

The 44-year-old actress welcomed her 1-year-old son last summer.

Eva Longoria motherly instincts were in full swing on the set of her latest project.

ET's Nischelle Turner caught up with the 44-year-old actress at the premiere of Dora and the Lost City of Gold on Sunday and gushed over how welcoming her 1-year-old son, Santiago, influenced her mindset while filming the project. 

"Everybody's [his] uncle and aunt because he's been on many a set since he was born, this being the first," Longoria said of Dora, in which she plays the titular teen's mom. "My instincts in this movie were completely bonkers because I was a new mom."

"Dora's, like, running in the jungle, holding a snake, running into crumbling, falling rocks, [and] I'm like, 'I would never let my child do that!'" she quipped. "The director was like, 'Right, but it's Dora.' I'm like, 'OK. OK.'"

While Santiago -- who Longoria shares with her husband, Jose Baston -- hasn't yet discovered the joys of Dora and her sidekicks in the original cartoon, Longoria is excited to show her son the series eventually.

"He hasn't had screen time. He won't have it for another year," she said. "...When he's old enough to absorb it we'll show it to him for sure."

As for her role in the flick, Longoria called the opportunity to play Dora's mom an "honor."

"I thought she was an icon for the Hispanic community, [but] she's a global icon. She is almost in every country," Longoria said. "So, to bring her to life out of a cartoon character, wasn't only an honor, but it was so fun."

Dora and the Lost City of Gold hits theaters on Aug. 9.