Everything You Need to Know About G Flip, the Singer Chrishell Stause Married

The 'Selling Sunset' star revealed during the show's first-ever reunion that she's dating the 28-year-old singer.

Chrishell Stause and Australian singer G Flip have tied the knot!

On Wednesday, the reality star took to Instagram to share a video that chronicled their 1-year relationship, including their wedding.

The surprise announcement came at the end of the loved-up clip and saw the Selling Sunset star and Australian-born musician saying "I do" in what looks like a private ceremony.

The duo first went public when Chrishell revealed during the Selling Sunset reunion that she's dating Australian singer G Flip.

The news came nearly five months after her split from Jason Oppenheim.

Stause said she met the singer -- who is 28, non-binary and goes by they/them pronouns -- after appearing in their music video for the track "Get Me Outta Here." Stause also added that it was G Flip who "definitely made the first move."

With the new marriage making headlines, ET takes a closer look at who is G Flip.

G Flip hails from Australia

Their real name is Georgia Claire Flipo, and they were born on Sept. 22, 1994 in Melbourne. They are known for the track "Gay 4 Me," which dropped in February. NME described it as "sizzling queer anthem."

Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

While Stause's 3.4 million followers on Instagram dwarfs Flip's following (203,000 IG followers and 31,000 subscribers on YouTube) on social media, they are a big deal in Australia, and their influence is steadily growing throughout.

In 2019, G Flip won Breakthrough Independent Artist of the Year at the Australian Independent Record Labels Association Awards. A. year later, they won Best Australian Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

G Flip joined the Australian band EMPRA at the age of 19 as its drummer. The band split in 2017. A year later, the singer launched a solo career. Their debut studio album, About Us, dropped in August 2019. They told the Australian site Student Edge that "the whole album is just an open and honest account of my up and down relationship" of their, at the time, girlfriend, Jemma. 

They also told the outlet they're no good at cooking. "Normal mundane things like cooking, I find it extremely hard, but I find singing and drumming easy. My brain is really strange that way."

According to a 2018 profile in the Australian Broadcasting Company, they spent the better part of a year giving drum and guitar lessons to elementary school kids to support themselves while they worked on their album.

The singer identified as non-binary in June 2021

According to Today, G Flip published -- and then deleted -- an Instagram post in June 2021 in which they identified as non-binary. "I'm still the exact same person, non-binary is just the best way to explain who I am and how I've always felt, like a gender smoothie," they wrote.

Chrishell Stause/Instagram

And, just last week, G Flip took to Twitter and wrote, "If strawberries were girls and blueberries were boys and you put them in a blender, you'd get a gender smoothing. I am a gender smoothie." Earlier this year, they explained what motivated them to write and drop "Gay 4 Me."

"I struggled with my sexual and gender identity for years because there wasn't anyone that I felt could relate to me," they told NME in February. "I wish I had a non-binary, gay, lead-singing drummer to watch; it would've calmed the dark, confused voices in my head that told me I didn't belong anywhere as my authentic self."

They continued, "If I am able to silence those voices for someone else my job on this planet is done. If No Doubt-era Gwen Stefani had a baby with Travis Barker: a lead-singing, drumming, Australian AF, non-binary singer, then you'd have me: G FLIP."

G Flip's basically a musical genius 

G Flip told the London-based online magazine The Line of Best Fit that their love for music came at an early age. They were around 3 years old when they were "playing with Hot Wheels cars, Lego blocks, and humming melodies to [themself]."

The singer also told the Australian Broadcasting Company about the first time they got their hands on a set of drumsticks when they were 9.

"My uncle bought me a little blue drum kit," they said. "I remember trying to be tough and not cry but I was so happy I got a drum kit that I went to the toilet by myself and cried a little bit." It wasn't long before G Flip started writing their own songs, mostly about breakups. They're not only a talented singer, G Flip's a natural with instruments. They can play guitar, bass and keys.

Their hard work culminated with stardom. Pitchfork compared G Flip to Grimes thanks to their "smooth, multi-tracked vocals."

For the music video to the hit track "About You," the music publication praised the singer for "laying down chords on a keyboard, plucking out an electric bass line, and rattling [their] sticks across a drum pad, then a full kit. Who needs a backup band when you can alchemize a ridiculously catchy synth-pop gem all by yourself?"