EXCLUSIVE: ‘Big Brother’ Couple Mark and Elena Plan to Turn Showmance Into Real-Life Romance in Dallas

ET caught up with Mark Jansen and Elena Davies in the ‘Big Brother’ backyard after the season 19 finale on Wednesday.

Marlena forever?

Big Brother couple Mark Jansen and Elena Davies plan to turn their showmance into a real-life relationship outside the house. ET caught up with the couple after the season 19 finale on Wednesday night.

“I’m crazy about her,” Mark spills. “I didn't expect to have this strong of feelings, these strong of feelings for her. It'll be interesting to see what happens when we step out in the real world. I mean, I'm excited! I'm planning on going down to Dallas for a little bit.”

“We had some back and forth in the house,” Elena admits. “It was more so back and forth with me, and a lot of just forth with him.”

“I tried very hard to keep my mental health in mind whilst trying to start a relationship with him, and it was challenging to do so in that environment,” she adds. “But the jury house was a nice break. There's no camera, no pressure. So, I would say we passed phase one, and phase two -- he's gonna come hang out in Dallas for a while after this all wraps up and we'll see what happens with phase three of the relationship, if we can make it in the real world.”

“I enjoy him quite a bit,” Elena says. “I'm excited to see if anything happens. I know he doesn't plan to live in Buffalo, long term … it’s a good sign.”

“I never met anybody like her,” Mark confesses. “Even when she wanted to keep her distance from me, every day she was there for me.”

“I don't want to rush it,” he continues. “I'm crazy about her and I'm very excited to see where things go after this experience.

“I can't help but be rational and logical in all of this, like, I met a guy in the Big Brother house and he's gonna move to Texas?” Elena shares. “Are you kidding me? Are we all on drugs? That's nuts!”

Also nuts was the fan reaction to “Thicc Mark.” The personal trainer was an internet favorite all season long for flashing his derriere a lot on the live feeds -- and he’s happy fans enjoyed it.

“I love being in the sun, and I love having my a** out and tanning,” he shares. “I wasn't too concerned -- clearly, wasn't concerned at all -- with what was being put on the internet. I hope the internet enjoyed it … men and women! Everybody.”