EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity Makeup Artist Emma Willis Shares Step-By-Step Tips to Achieve Stars' Favorite Summer Glow


Ready to slay your summer glow?

Ready to slay your summer glow?

ET’s new beauty series, How-To Hollywood, is all about helping you recreate classic and trendy celebrity-inspired beauty looks straight from the red carpet.

This week, we invited celebrity makeup artist and founder of Contour Fossa, Emma Willis, to show us how to achieve the perfect summer bronzed look, which she’s perfected on celebrities like Ashley Greene, Witney Carson, former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and Bachelor Nation’s Becca Tilley.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to achieve Tilley’s dewy, bronzed look:

STEP 1: Moisturize


Pro Tip: Keep the moisturizer down the T-Zone of the face and dab it into the skin, keeping things minimal under the eye area.

STEP 2: Foundation


Pro Tip: When applying product to the skin, Emma alternates between a small and regular-sized beauty sponge, which she dampens with water.

“You’ve got to really damp these guys,” she told ET. “No dry sponges! Really rinse it well with water and squeeze it. It will create a flawless canvas for your skin."

For this look, Emma mixed a liquid illuminator (highlight) with a foundation, which creates a more dewy look. She used a concealer to prime the eyelids prior to eyeshadow application.

STEP 3: Contour


Pro Tip: Pat the product in with your brush, no swiping motions!

“I’m a tap-tap-tap and a pat-pat-pat type of person!” revealed Emma, who begins the contouring process while applying foundation and concealer. She then warms up the skin with a matte pressed powder bronzer -- using a flat brush -- in a color about two to three shades darker than the skin. Emma applies the product just under the cheekbones, along the hairline and forehead and just under the chin.

STEP 4: Blush


Pro Tip: Emma applies a blush that she'll also use as an eye shadow, to distribute the color-scheme throughout and tie the look together.

She also uses both a cream blush in a light pink shade to give a little flush to the skin and works it in with her fingers. She then applies a powder blush in a similar shade with a bit of shimmer to the apples of the cheeks to set.


STEP 5: Eyes


Pro Tip: Use blushes and bronzers as eye shadow. Using eye shadows and eyeliners that are the opposite color of your eyes on the color wheel will make your eyes pop!

To achieve Tilley’s piercing eye look, Emma uses bronzey shades and dark brown colors around the lash line. Start with the lighter matte shade and build your desired color with darker shadows (deeper bronzers), topping off the eye with some shimmer in a similar shade.

STEP 6: Highlight


Pro Tip: To achieve that dewy look, use liquid illuminators and powders with shimmer.

Emma uses a powder highlight with a champagne tone to highlight the cheekbones, nose and eyes. In essence, you should accentuate all features that are normally more prominent when the sun hits your face.

STEP 7: Lips


Pro Tip: If you want to overdraw your lips to get that Kylie Jenner full-lip-effect, use a liner that has grey undertones. Emma also recommends using a lip liner/lip pencil all over the lips, followed by lipstick or gloss. That way there will be some color left on your lips even if your gloss/lipstick disappears!

For Becca’s perfect pouty look, Emma uses two types of lip gloss – a light shimmery one with a pink undertone and a rust shimmery shade – the two paired together complement the overall golden look.

Voilà! Now take a selfie and share your summer look with us by using the hashtag #HowToHollywood!

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