EXCLUSIVE: Chris Harrison Grades Himself on the ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Scandal, Reveals If He’s Seen the Tape

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Chris Harrison gives himself a solid B minus.

ET's Lauren Zima spoke with the Bachelor host at the Bachelor in Paradise season four finale taping last week, where he graded himself on how he handled the show's scandal -- and revealed that he "would love to" explore the situation further. 

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"Am I still fully satisfied with all this? No," Harrison bluntly said. "As a journalist, as a reporter, as a host, I would love to go further into all this, but there's a box I had to play in. And so within that box, I'd give myself a B minus of how I had to handle this and what we can do. But legally there's just certain things I could and couldn't do."

Harrison could, however, request a second interview with DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios following their studio sit-downs last month -- and that's exactly what he did. 

"At the end of those conversations I had with each of them, it just felt like it wasn't complete, and I realized there was just kind of one more step that needed to take place," he revealed of the pair's face-to-face meeting, which will air on Monday's season finale. "They both wanted to sit down. I think they needed it, and I wanted to see it happen." 

As for what other areas of the scandal Harrison would like to dig into, he said he'd love to talk to the third party who filed the complaint of misconduct that got production halted in June, as well as other producers, executives and lawyers. One thing Harrison is fine not looking into further, however, is the tape of Olympios and Jackson's encounter. In fact, he's never seen it. 

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"I chose not to, because I don't need to see it," he explained. "I know exactly what happened... there is not a detail that I don't know." 

"I had the choice to see the tape that night and I decided not to. And subsequent days as things were happening and unraveling, again I had the option to watch the tape and decided not to," he continued, adding that he made the decision after asking himself if watching the tape would help him handle the situation any better. "The most important thing for me was I treated Corinne and DeMario equally, with respect, dignity... made sure they were equally taken care of. I never treated either one of them differently."

"From night one, when things could have gone differently that night, I made sure that that didn't happen. And all the way till tonight, I felt like they both were handled very equally," he said. "And that's what I wanted everyone to see tonight, is that they're not necessarily to blame, either one of them... DeMario and Corinne actually played a small part in this." 

Because of the scandal, however, production implemented new rules like a two drink per hour maximum, and contestants giving producers verbal consent before becoming intimate with another castmember. Harrison implied those rules will continue into future seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. 

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"I think of these people as my kids. I mean, a lot of them are sadly at that age now," he joked "So if I find a better way to care for them and keep them safe and protect them, 100 percent, I will." 

At the end of the day, Harrison said that this scandal (and the show's ability to bounce back) has taught him that "love prevails." 

"If you do what's right, which I did, which we did, it can and will be OK," he shared. "The fact that Derek and Taylor came out of this, the fact that Adam and Raven came out of this, is astounding to me. It's a beautiful thing."

"I will go home tonight with a big smile on my face, knowing that Corinne and DeMario are OK, and we have two beautiful couples that came out of this. It's not a bad summer. And I have a few more gray hairs." 

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The season four finale of Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, Sept. 11, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.