EXCLUSIVE: Derek Hough Reveals How Married Life Has Changed for Julianne, Picks 'DWTS' Season 25 Favorites

The EMMY nominee also revealed plans for the new season of 'World of Dance.'

If anyone knows who could take home the mirrorball trophy, it's Derek Hough.

ET caught up with Hough backstage at the 2017 Creative Arts Emmys on Saturday, airing on FXX on Sept. 16, where he talked about his picks for Dancing With the Stars' 25th season.

"It's so interesting not being a part of the show anymore, so it's interesting looking at it from an outside perspective, but I love Lindsey Stirling," he told ET's Courtney Tezeno. "I think she's the most amazing down to earth girl and so, I'm really rooting for her."

Another fave from the dancing pro?

"Jordan Fisher's fantastic," he said. 

But, he remained cautious in his picks.

"But you never know, you know?" he mused. "You never know until you see them for the first time."

As for his sister and fellow DWTS alum Julianne, he's a big fan of her husband, Brooks Laich.

"I love him so much, he's amazing, man," he said of his now brother-in-law.

And according to him, the newlyweds are doing great.

"They're adjusting to [married life] fantastically," he dished. "When I mean adjusting, like, you know how people say, 'Does life change when you get married?' In their case, it has and for the absolute better."

As for Hough, who received his ninth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Choreography for DWTS, he's looking forward to the next season of World of Dance.

"It's gonna be like 26 hours of episodes, so it's gonna be fantastic and amazing -- bigger and better than ever than our first season," he told ET. 

You can also hope to see him out on the dance floor with fellow judges Jennifer Lopez and Ne-Yo.

"We might have some performances ourselves, me and the judges," he teased. "We might get out there and dance. We're gonna step it up a notch, definitely, so we're excited about it."

For more on World of Dance, which returns next year, watch the video below!