EXCLUSIVE: Hilary Duff Opens Up About Hurricane Harvey, Admits She Felt 'Guilty' When Storm Hit Her Hometown

The Houston native opened up to ET about the natural disaster while attending the Hand in Hand hurricane relief telethon.

For Hilary Duff, watching Hurricane Harvey devastate her hometown was surreal.

The Houston, Texas, native opened up to ET about the natural disaster at the Hand in Hand hurricane relief telethon on Tuesday, which benefitted those affected by both Harvey and Hurricane Irma.

“I remember feeling angry that it was such a beautiful sunny day in L.A. and feeling guilty for that,” the 29-year old actress admitted to watching news of the hurricane unfold from California. “It felt really unjust.”

"Luckily, all of my family, my friends, everyone is doing really well,” she added. “But they're living surrounded by devastation and I think, day in and day out, that's really hard.”

Sadly, she knows that many others haven’t been as fortunate.

“[My family and friends] have the comfort of their bed, every night in their home, and unfortunately, most of the city doesn't have that,” she explained. “I'm not just talking about Houston -- that's just where I'm from -- but it's devastating. It's really sad and extreme amounts of help are needed.”

Duff also shared that as a mother, she was especially concerned with how the storm has affected families.

“It's always important to be prepared and prepare your children and just be really grateful,” she said. “If only we deprive ourselves for a little bit of that extra afternoon coffee that costs $5 or that $30 pair of workout pants... that money is crucial to a family right now.”

Watch the video below for more stars taking part in the Hurricane Relief Telethon.

For more on how to help/donate to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, please click here.