EXCLUSIVE: Jessie James Decker Talks Having More Kids With Football Hubby Eric Decker: 'I'm Game. Let's Do It'


Jessie James Decker is so happy to be back "home" in Nashville, Tennessee.

ET spoke with the country star while she was promoting season three of Eric & Jessie, where she revealed just how excited she was when her football star husband, Eric Decker, told her he had signed a one-year contract with the Tennessee Titans after being released by the New York Jets.

"I honestly never thought that could happen," Jessie, who's been in Nashville on-and-off for 10 years to work on her country music, explained. "That seemed so in the distance, way too good to be true. I remember saying to Eric, 'Well, maybe whenever you're ready to retire, you just got one year left in you, maybe you can just tell your agent to just give 'em [the Titans] a call.' I would be funny with it."

"So, when it actually did happen, I was like, 'What? This is real life? We get to just stay home?'" she recalled. "It was just really exciting. Obviously it was a little sad to leave New Jersey and the New York Jets community. They were really, really good to us and I'll always be grateful for that, but there's nothing like coming home."

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Although Jessie and Eric are ecstatic to finally be in one place together full-time with their two children, daughter Vivi, 3, and son Buby, 2, the brunette beauty tells ET that they still have a lot of work to do, as they're currently renovating their house.

"We are far from being settled in," she joked. "Even though we've had this house for almost a year now, it wasn't 100% what I wanted as far as the aesthetics go. But now that I know we're staying here, I can put my whole heart and soul into making this house look the way I want."

"The kids are just happy to be in Nashville full-time," she added. "Vivi knows that Nashville is her home."

With two adorable kiddos and a home to officially call their own, Jessie says she and Eric are now "completely open to having another baby."

"I wasn't ready before," she admitted. "Because I had just had Vivi and Bub back to back, they are, like, 17 and a half months apart. Two little ones running around in diapers and bottles, you need a break."

"But now that little man is two, I'm completely open, and whatever happens, happens," she revealed. "I'm game. Let's do it."

So, how does she think Vivi and Buby (real name: Eric Decker II) would react to news of another Decker baby?

"I think they would be SO happy," Jessie gushed. "Vivi keeps asking me for another sibling. She says she wants a little sister."

"No nicknames yet," Jessie added, joking about how it was Vivi who came up with their son's nickname. "But she definitely keeps saying, 'I want a little sister.'"

As for her marriage with Eric, Jessie says their relationship is still going strong. While chatting with ET, she recalled the moment she knew Eric was "the one" -- and gave some stellar advice for all the single ladies out there about not settling for just anybody!

"Whenever we spent some time apart from each other, I truly felt like I couldn't live without him," she said. "I would just think to myself, 'I cannot live without this man. I cannot go another day without him in my life.' He was just such a kind, warm person. I believe in soulmates and I just knew that we were meant to be together."

"For single girls, I would just say, listen to those red flags," she advised. "If you get that pit in your stomach about a guy, that he's done something that just doesn't feel right, then you have to listen to that. And it's probably not worth being in that relationship."

Jessie said she "never felt that way" with Eric.

"I never felt judged, I never felt like there were ulterior motives. I just felt like it was just pure love for me," she explained. "I'd also say, always be confident. Men are so attracted to confident women, and that goes a long way. I had a lot of confidence when I met Eric. I was finally in a good place with myself and I feel like he was very attracted to that. I knew who I was."

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Well said, Jessie!

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