EXCLUSIVE: Maksim Chmerkovskiy Says He Wishes He Had Kids With Peta Murgatroyd 'Earlier' -- Here's Why!

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Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Peta Murgatroyd can't stop gushing over baby Shai!

ET's Nancy O'Dell caught up with the Dancing With the Stars pros on the set of their family photo shoot with famous baby photographer Anne Geddes, where they opened up about life at home with their 8-month-old son.

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"He's our little beautiful specimen," Peta said. "I'm so in love with him. Every day just gets better and better.

The two had nothing but amazing things to say about parenthood so far, admitting that everything has changed since welcoming their first child together.

"I think Shai has definitely 100 percent softened him," Peta said of her husband. "I fell in love with him because he is a big softie anyway."

Maks chimed in, telling his own personal story about how Shai has transformed him.

"The second he was born, I immediately called Mom and I apologized for not calling her back once in awhile and things of that nature," he explained. "I looked at him, I was like, I’m going to be heartbroken if I dial his number and he's just not picking up and I know for a fact that he can. It’s like, 'Oh I’m not calling back.' My heart will just break and fall out on the floor."

Anne Geddes

Maks told ET that after discovering what it's like to be a father, he wishes he would have had children with Peta sooner.

"Looking back, I can't imagine having kids with anyone but Peta, obviously, but would I wish for maybe having met her earlier and having had kids earlier? Absolutely," he revealed. "Now looking back, it's going to be hard no matter what age you are or your financial situation or where you live."

"We grew up in a tiny two bedroom with my brother [Val Chmerkovskiy] and bunk beds and all that," he continued. "We came out great, enjoying life, and trying to set up for when you can have a child is just -- to me it just…"

"There's never a perfect time," said Peta, finishing Maks' sentence.

Anne Geddes

So, are the two hoping to expand their little family anytime soon?

Peta says, "If it happens, it happens."

"I'm not gonna say no to the situation, but I think ideally maybe wait a year or so," she added.

That's when Maks told ET he has "a problem" and would be OK with just one baby.

"My mom told me that when I was born and some time passed and mom wanted another [baby], Pop said, 'Look, I can do it, obviously, but how can you love another type of thing so [much]?'" Maks recalled. "Clearly he was fine and everybody is great, you don't discriminate one child over another, but I cannot fathom sharing the love right now. Like, I'm so all about this guy."

Maks is of course referring to his younger brother, Val, who appears to be loving his uncle duties. After spending so much time with baby Shai, it sounds like he's come down with baby fever.

"I say yes. Yeah, he wants one," Peta said. "I just say do it. Val, if you want one, just get one."

"I say yes, too," added Maks.

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