EXCLUSIVE: Selena Quintanilla's Sister Suzette Talks Reuniting With Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez reunites with Suzette Quintanilla

There was a family reunion, of sorts, over the weekend! Jennifer Lopez met up with Suzette, the sister of the late legend Selena Quintanilla, whom J.Lo portrayed in the hit 1997 biopic.

Jennifer and Suzette posed together with their men at the pop star’s Las Vegas residency show at Planet Hollywood, and Suzette opened up to ET’s Deidre Behar about the experience of reuniting with the “On the Floor” singer. 

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“[It] always feels good to see Jennifer and seems like old times when we hung out during the making of the Selena movie,” Suzette dished. “[I] don't get to see her much, as you know we have a lot going in our lives.  It always makes me feel good inside when I hear her speak of what my sister means to her. How Jennifer looks up to her not only as an artist but as a person.”

Suzette’s husband got the biggest surprise of the night, when Jennifer called her boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, over to her. 

“Jennifer called him over and introduced us, and he was very nice and we talked about how she stayed at our home for a bit during the filming of the movie,” Suzette said. “Honestly my husband was beyond excited to meet him. It was a cool moment to see him meet someone he greatly admires.”

Mostly, Suzette is proud to be a part of the GRAMMY winner’s journey. 

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“I would like to add that I really am happy to see Jennifer doing her thing and not allowing anything to stop her,” she said. “She has accomplished so much in her life, and to know that Selena and our family’s story is a part of her road to success is humbling.”

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