Faith Stowers Breaks Down Detailing Jax Taylor Cheating Scandal, Thought They Were Broken Up (Exclusive)

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Season six of Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules has sparked a whole lot drama.  

Jax Taylor cheating on longtime girlfriend Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers, a former server at Sur, has definitely been the biggest bombshell.  Some viewers were outraged and shocked while others, well, weren’t surprised at all.  After all, Jax’s history of cheating on his past girlfriends has been well-documented on the soapy reality series. 

Adding yet another layer of insanity though – a leaked audio recording of Jax straight-up dissing Brittany, who is still dating him, during some post-hookup pillow talk with Faith.  

Now, Faith is breaking her silence for the first time on-camera about what really happened with Jax, why she did it – and what happened in the aftermath.  

You can check out the entire FB Live interview below – but here’s Faith’s side of the story. 

“[Jax] was Twittering, dm'ing me for a whole year trying to hang out,” Faith tells ET. “I did not accept his advances because I, at the time, everyone knew they were a couple. They were fresh, they were new…. What transpired was when he was telling me they were done… which was proven on the audio, and he was pretty much telling me they were done, so I’m thinking, ‘OK, I’ll give you a shot now.’”

The 29-year-old says the private messages Jax was sending her crossed the line, and to this day doesn’t think Brittany knows about them.

“She does not… she might now, it goes way back, honey, it goes back,” she says.  

“He was just being cute and flirty,” she replies when asked what he was saying to her.  

“I mean, at one point he did proposition a threesome with him and Brittany, that was when they were dating, and I literally laughed that off 'cause I would never… It was just interesting to see how far he went when he had a new girlfriend who was fresh; Brittany was fresh at this time," she adds.

But still, knowing Jax’s track record – what would possess her to sleep with him?

“I’ve always thought Jax Taylor was attractive… he was always pleasant, we went out to dinners, not just me and him, the group… he took care of the bill, he made sure people got home in their Ubers, he was just really attentive, and you know that attracted me to him 'cause you don’t find very many attentive men in L.A.,” she explains.  “I respected him and Brittany at this time... never did anything. He would flirt, they all flirt…all the guys, Tom, all flirt with everyone else, they’re just fun people. I didn’t think anything of it and then he kind of just went in for the kill and it was in the middle of the day, middle of the afternoon, no one was drinking.”

Faith says the only reason she went through with it is because she had heard rumblings of a split, and that Jax himself told her through text that he and Brittany we’re done. 

“I was out of the loop, so I would hear things, like, hearsay -- Oh, they’re breaking up, or Jax is getting tired of Brittany...  he would text me and say, ‘You know me, me and Brittany aren’t doing really well, I’m done, I’m out of this relationship, I’m never getting married,’ you know, so I’m like, ‘Let’s talk about it, come over,’” she says.  

“He requested a couple times to come over [prior to her finally accepting his request], he really wanted to come hang out… I said OK, because I’m thinking, it's three in the afternoon, you’re out running errands, I live down the street from you, come hang out,” she says, genuinely thinking it was harmless. 

“I hate to kiss and tell -- or I think Jax would say, 'suck toes and tell,'" she quips before detailing what ensued when he showed up at her apartment. 

“I was in a position where I wanted comfort as well,” she admits.  I was single… and it was just nice to have someone really be into me and just really want my attention and wanna hang out with me. When he saw me, it was like he was super excited to see me and we just kind of embraced each other and he just kind of went in for the kill and, like I said, I was attracted to Jax."

“I know a lot of people are just kind of like ‘Ew, you’re disgusting, how could you ever sleep with a man like that,' and, um, it was a moment, it was an intimate moment that I appreciated,” she says.  “He opened up to me and said really, like, deep feelings to me afterwards, which also led me to believe that he trusted me and wanted to just, like, work this thing out and apparently he was lying.” 

While Faith confirms they only hooked up once, she claims he tried coming back for more afterwards. 

“Yes, it was the one time… it could have happened more times, but… I was turning down his advances,” she says. He texted me about hanging out again and at that time I kind of felt like I needed more information, so I held off and I’m really glad I did ‘cause it could have been way worse.”

“I like to open up the conversation about cheating ‘cause I feel like I didn’t cheat, I felt like I got cheated, I got ‘Jax'ed,’” she adds. 

 And even now, she regrets not going to Brittany initially. 

“I will say I regret not talking to Brittany in person because I felt like she should have felt my soul…  no one deserves to go through what she's been through and, honest to God, like,  I’m praying for her because she’s still in that situation and that’s a dark place when you can get back with someone who could blatantly cheat on you in the way he did and then say the things he said on the audio after that.”

Watch the video here to see what Faith says about that audio – and how it got leaked and recorded in the first place. 

As for why Faith hasn’t appeared on more episodes of Vanderpump Rules following the cheating blow-out at Scheana’s party in episode one of the season, she says it was her choice. 

“I just felt bombarded by so much information and people saying things to me after Scheana's birthday party that I just didn't want to go back, I didn’t want to go to Jeremy’s birthday party the next day, I didn’t want to do any of that because I just felt like I wouldn’t have been able to handle it… I’m a human being at the end of the day. The fact that I hurt somebody, I didn’t wanna go back and talk about it.” 

Faith says the bullying on social media was the hardest to handle.

“It was just tough because social media is supposed to be this platform where you can help others and show people you’re life,” she says, tearing up. “I did make the decision to live my life the way I did, and make the choices… but it was just tough because i wasn’t able to tell [the viewers] what really happened from my side, for them to change their opinion... so it was tough getting the backlash, some of her fans were, you know, saying really mean things to me…. I can act tough and, like, it doesn’t bother me, but it bothers me.”

Following Scheana’s party, Faith says Jax reached out and claims he was distraught and even threatened his life. 

“Jax had reached out a few times, but I felt bad,” she admits while wiping away tears. “I mean, the guy was trying to kill himself… he was hurt, he was crying.” 

*Note: We interrupt to confirm what she just claimed, ‘Jax was suicidal?’ 

“I don’t wanna say he’s suicidal, but that’s what he said,” she answers. “He sent me audio saying, ‘Why are you doing this to me…  I’m killing myself, my life is over and that's what hurt me 'cause I didn’t want to ruin someone's life and I felt like I ruined his life and he said he was gonna move back to Florida, he was done filming, he's over it, he's done and I didn’t even call him back ‘cause I felt like some things, I just didn’t think things added up 'cause I hadn't talked to Brittany yet.”

Now, Faith is focused on moving forward and has another television endeavor in the works. While she can’t publicly reveal details just yet, she shared a little tease. 

“What I will say is you will get a better understanding of who Faith is," adding that it’s going to be “explosive.” 

Vanderpump Rules airs Monday nights on Bravo. 


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