'Family Reunion' Cast on Representation and 'Real Housewives' Cameos (Exclusive)

Part three of the Netflix sitcom will premiere April 5.

Family Reunion is adding some Housewives to the fold! ET's Deidre Behar spoke to Tia Mowry, Loretta Devine and Anthony Alabi ahead of part three's premiere, and Mowry gushed over having Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore and Candiace Dillard Bassett make cameo appearances on the sitcom.

"It was definitely entertaining," Mowry said. "... [I] got a little bit of practice behind the scenes. It's so funny. Even before we started saying our lines and started acting, each of the girls walked up to me and told me a little stuff about each other... and then action. It was a lot of fun."

Mowry added that Glanville, Moore and Dillard Bassett, who appeared on The Real Housewives of Beverly HillsAtlanta, and Potomac, respectively, were "so professional" and "so great at acting" during their time on set.

"They were so wonderful," she said. "It was a lot of fun, very entertaining should I say. I was enjoying myself."

After the Housewives' time on set, the actors told ET what their own taglines would be, with Devine opting for, "It's gonna take two plates for that one," and Alabi choosing, "What you see is what you get."

As for Mowry, she said her Housewives tagline would be, "Don't mess with my family. If you come for me, I come for you."

In addition to the Housewives fun, the cast opened up to ET about the responsibility they feel while making the sitcom, which follows a multi-generational Black family in Georgia.

"It's something that you don't take lightly when you have a show, let alone a successful show that people are watching," said Alabi, whose character, Moz, is married to Mowry's Cocoa in the series. "I think we know going into [it] the gravity of the choices that we make and kind of the way we portray our culture, because I think, especially in this time, it's very sensitive."

"Making sure you walk that line between opening things up for Black culture and allowing people to see different aspects of us, but still having that strong representation of this is who we are, this is what we've been through, and this is where we're going, no matter what," he continued. "I think that balance is what makes this show very special."

Devine, who stars as Moz's mother, M'Dear, noted that, in her role, "All you can do is mimic your mom, your grandmother, the women you come in contact with, and the women that you know that love their families."

"This is about a family where everybody really loves each other and everybody really has each other's back," she said. "I think that is what people love to see, bad or good."

Family Reunion part three premieres April 5 on Netflix.