'The Butler' Shows Off 80 Years of Style


The upcoming film Lee Daniels' The Butler is a sweeping historical drama that takes place over eight decades, providing quite a challenge for the film’s costume designer Ruth Carter.

One star that really faced a challenge was Minka Kelly, who portrayed Jackie O in the film. When asked about what it was like displaying Jackie O's iconic style, Kelly said, "It was really special, and it had everything to do with filling her shoes."

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Kelly said her favorite look from the former First Lady was the legendary pink Chanel dress and pill-box hat.

"We dressed hundreds of people every day," said Ruth Carter, the woman in charge of creating the fashion and style in the film. "It was like a machine… One day would be the 1950s, the next day it's the '70s, the day after that its like a sharecropper- it's all over the place."

Check out the video for more from Ruth Carter, including what it was like to design costumes for Oprah, and more from the stars of Lee Daniels' The Butler.

The film opens in theaters August 16.