Fashion Recap! The Three Craziest Prints from Last Night's 'Mindy Project'


Tuesday night's episode of The Mindy Projecttitled "We Need to Talk About Annette" featured more of the hilarious Rhea Perlman's as Danny Castellano's mother Annette, who turns out to have a secret problem -- shoplifting!

Annette's problem comes to light when Mindy takes her shopping for a swimsuit for her water aerobics class, but this being Mindy, she ends up stealing the show in this eye-catching outfit.

Expertly pairing a bright-blue Rachel Roy blazer, a yellow Karen Millen skirt and an insect-print Tory Burch blouse, the colorful ensemble is definitely one of the fashion highlights of season 3 so far.

.... And how does she manage to make insects look cute?!

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Mindy's next enviable print comes much later in the episode, in this gorgeous Prada for Born Free skirt she pairs with open-toed booties, a tan Vince leather jacket and a coral Equipment shirt.

In the scene, Mindy goes back with Danny and Annette to return the leather bomber jacket Annette stole for Danny, but not without some  major drama. Though Annette and Mindy clashed earlier due to Mindy falsely accusing Annette of stealing Tamra's bracelet, Annette eventually admits to stealing the jacket when Mindy calls her out -- only it's Mindy who ends up defending her when she suggests running out of the store when the cashier attempts to press charges!

Lastly, Mindy proved you can still be a 30-something and dress super-cute in this adorable sequin duck sweater by pricey British brand Markus Lupfer -- which retails for a whopping $375.

Mindy wears the sweater as she hangs at Danny's house, showing the two are definitely comfortable in the casual stage of their relationship.

Though for once, the men of The Mindy Project's fashion was also a major plot point of the episode -- Danny's Top Gun look featuring the stolen bomber jacket is destined to be one of the hottest moments of season 3, no?

But as an aside, how has the pop-cultured obsessed Mindy supposedly never seen Top Gun?!

... Really?!

Curiously, Adam Pally actually shows some maturity in his frat boy character Peter, when he decides that Tamra's hard-partying, romance novel-writing friend Abby might actually be a little too wild for him.

But he makes the decision only after he decides to go to a rave with Abby, Tamra and Morgan, rocking this priceless outfit.

LMFAO (Lotta Man Farts Always Obviously)

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"You look like Mindy," Danny jokes when he sees Adam in his party ensemble.

... He should be so lucky!

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Mindy recently made a stunning appearance at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards Monday night.

Check it out in the video below!