7 Stars Who Took the Most Perfect Makeup-Free Pics in 2014


As Beyonce would say, these stars "woke up like this."

While we're used to seeing celebrities all done up on the red carpet, on Instagram, they are more than happy to share a slew of makeup-free photos.

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This fresh-faced movement was embraced by celebrities of all ages, with some looking flawless (what filter are they using?!), and others looking a little more rough around the edges. Either way, we love that these women are not afraid to show us what they really look like without the Photoshop and makeup!

Here are a few of our favorite ladies that willingly shared their makeup-free moments with us this year.

1. Oprah
: The Queen of Talk is quickly becoming the Queen of Instagram. With over three million followers, Oprah doesn't hold back when sharing her life with her fans -- even when she's picking vegetables in her sweatpants. 

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2. Lena Dunham
:The Girls star's version of au naturale tends to be a lot less glamorous than her peers -- which is why we love her. She's just like us!

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3. Gwyneth Paltrow
: The actress' makeup-free photo posted this past March looks more like a convincing ad to drink more water. At age 42, her skin has never looked more hydrated.

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4. Beyonce
:It seems whenever the "Flawless" singer vacations, the clothes and the makeup come off! Though she did come under fire this year for some alleged thigh gap photoshopping, we still say it's good to be Beyonce!

5. Cindy Crawford
: All we're gonna say is, Cindy Crawford is pushing 50 and this is what she looks like without her makeup team.

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6. Megan Fox
: The Transformers actress was so confident in her own skin that her very first Instagram photo of herself in July included the caption: "First IG selfie. Early morning, no makeup, filter."

7. Supermodels:
Do they teach you how to take the perfect makeup-free selfie in modeling school? It sure seems that way when you're checking out Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and their supermodel friends' Instagram accounts.

Who's your favorite makeup-free star? Let us know below and tweet #ETnow.

If you want to know how these stars look so flawless when fresh-faced (besides using tinted moisturizer), here's a tutorial on how to take the perfect selfie!