An 'Insecure' Justin Bieber Apologizes for His Hair: A Hat Only Does So Much


Despite his pretty shameless public appearances and his recent revealing Calvin Klein ads, looks like there is one thing Justin Bieber is admittedly insecure about -- his famous hair.

Bieber took to Instagram on Saturday to address his bleach blonde 'do, which has been receiving plenty of hate on the Internet.

"For all u fools saying cut my hair it's in an awkward stage I'm sorry lol," he wrote. "But I'm growing it out and there's gonna be a period of time where it looks dumb lol a hat only does so much. #insecure lol"

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Bieber bleached his 'do in December, though in his now famous Calvin Klein ads, his hair appears to be a darker shade and is styled in a spiky style.

The candid Instagram post on Saturday is a rare sensitive admission for the 20-year-old singer, whose camp recently fought back hard against allegations that his steamy CK photos were photoshopped to give him both bigger muscles and a bigger bulge.

On Saturday, removed an alleged unphotoshopped image of Justin Bieber from their site, and reported Bieber's team sent a cease and desist letter asking for the site to remove the photo and provide a retraction.

But there is at least one person who does think his photos are retouched.

Mark Wahlberg's wife Rhea -- who despite Bieber claiming the former 1992 CK underwear model gave his support to the new campaign -- took to her Twitter to hate on Bieber following in The Lone Survivor star's footsteps.

Not surprisingly, Rhea eventually backtracked on her comments after feeling the wrath of die-hard Beliebers.

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Check out all the CK drama in the video below.

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