Sarah Palin Borrows Her Daughter Bristol's Dress to Go to 'SNL 40'

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As if it wasn't shocking enough that Sarah Palin was in the audience for SNL 40 on Sunday night, her sassy outfit choice also had plenty of people raising their eyebrows.

Showing some shoulder in a sparkly white minidress and blank ankle booties, the 51-year-old politician was definitely out to turn heads -- and it turns out she borrowed the entire look from her daughter Bristol's closet! Bristol, 24, wore the same exact dress to the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in 2011, though she chose to pair the sexy design with nude heels.

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"Everything I have, I borrowed from Bristol," Sarah admitted to Us Weekly about her new look. "Her [bag], her dress. It's something left over from Dancing With the Stars, but her shoes, she made me give her a deposit before I wore her shoes!"

And we completely understand if Bristol's not joking. The blank booties are a pricy pair by designer Christian Louboutin.

"She was like, 'Mom, these are like red soles and you don't mess with them unless you're on the red carpet, otherwise you pay for them!'" she laughed.

But though Sarah's bit during the epic three-and-a-half-hour reunion show was well-received -- in which she joked about running for President during an audience Q&A with Jerry Seinfeld -- one person that definitely didn't look too pleased to be sitting next to her?

Taylor Swift, whose epic "over it" expression as the two touch shoulders is pretty amazing.

At least Steven Spielberg seems to be enjoying himself?

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