Fergie's Stylist Dishes on Outfitting the 'M.I.L.F.$' Music Video -- and Kim Kardashian's Waist!


#MILFgate explained!

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Stylist B. Akerlund -- who dressed Beyonce in that stunning yellow gown for Lemonade's "Hold Up" music video and Madonna for her Prince tribute at this year's Billboard Music Awards -- dished to Billboard magazine on creating the sexy style that made Fergie's "M.I.L.F. $" video, and how she managed make each of the 41-year-old mom's back-up MILFS stand out.

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According to Akerlund, it was Fergie herself who came up with the concept for the video; the singer worked closely with the costume designer to conceptualize the video's style and look.

And while the "Fergalicious" singer's new video got quite the reaction, it was Kim Kardashian's tiny waist in the video that received perhaps the most attention; critics called out the reality star, suggesting her figure was photoshopped in the video. Kardashian has since spoken out against her haters, claiming her cinched waist a result of corsetry and Akerlund's styling.


As Akerlund admits, giving Kardashian that unbelievably tiny waist was all part of the plan. "I knew from the moment we met that I wanted to play with her insanely amazing body to create an extreme character we had never seen from her before," she told the magazine. "I incorporated corsetry and latex to exaggerate her natural body shape. The idea was that everything was pumped up with an insanely skinny waist and super tall boots, which created a real-life Kim Barbie."

Another buzzed about moment from the video was Chrissy Teigen's daughter Luna's music video debut at only three weeks old! The video shows Teigen -- dressed in head to toe couture, breastfeeding the infant.


"Dressing Chrissy in Moschino Couture, while breastfeeding, for me was a must and there could be no other option," Akerlund said, adding that everyone was considerate of having a newborn on set. "I love mixing high with low, and breastfeeding in couture is a M.I.L.F. protocol."

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While Teigen and Kardashian definitely showed they've still got it in Fergie's video, the two also turned heads last week, sporting sexy looks on a night out in Los Angeles.

See more in the video below.