Kanye West's 'Pablo' Pop-Ups Draw Lines Worldwide as Kim Kardashian Pushes Kimoji Merchandise

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Everyone feels like Pablo!

As promised, Kanye West opened up Life of Pablo pop-up stores at 21 temporary locations worldwide on Friday, which have so far drawn lines around the block as people eagerly try to get their hands on some Yeezy fashion.

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A source tells ET that one notable attendee at the Los Angeles store was former soccer star David Beckham, whose son, Brooklyn, has shown a fondness for Yeezy gear in the past, despite the beef between Kim Kardashian West, and Brooklyn's girlfriend, actress Chloe Grace Moretz.

Many of the fashions feature lyrics from the 39-year-old rapper's most recent album printed in a now well-known bold, Gothic-style font.

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The merch also includes unique print that gives a nod to which city's pop-up store it was purchased in, meaning you'd either have to do an around-the-world gauntlet, or spend a looot of money on the secondary market to get it all.

Meanwhile, Kim -- whose got a sale going on for her own Kimoji merchandise line -- marveled on Twitter that she and her husband had fashion trends at the same time.

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The 35-year-old reality star's gear includes a "Turbo Thot" monokini swimsuit, which she's been posting about on Snapchat.

Guess this kinda makes the high-powered couple the king & queen of merch!

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Fashion actually runs deep in the family, to the point where it sometimes causes drama among relatives!

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