Tina Knowles Works Out in Daughter Beyonce's Ivy Park Gear


Tina Knowles works out in style!

The 62-year-old fashion designer has recently been sharing a series of videos of herself from her training sessions with fitness experts Patrick Goudeau and Jeanette Jenkins via Instagram. And while we're incredibly impressed by her exercises, we couldn't help but notice Knowles' fitness gear, which consists of black-and-white tops and matching pants from daughter Beyoncé's Ivy Park line.

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Check out mama Knowles rockin' the gear while performing push-ups.

Leg lifts? No problem, when you're wearing Ivy Park.

Slay, all day!

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On Friday, Knowles also took to Instagram to gush over her youngest daughter, Solange, who was performing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. With assistance from Tim White, Knowles designed the gorgeous jumpsuits Solange and her backup singers wore onstage.

"They make our work look good!" she captioned one of the photos. "I am soo proud of my baby. Can't wait to see the performance. Jimmy Fallon ? Solange 's idea to connect them she's always thinking out the box❤"

"Solange preparing for performance on Jimmy Fallon Tonight!" another post read. "In the outfits that me and Tim White Created! ❤"

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