Zendaya Offers Young Woman Who Was Body-Shamed a Modeling Contract

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Zendaya doesn't just shut bullying down -- she takes action.

The 20-year-old actress called out an online troll who had been body shaming a young woman on Twitter.

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"Stumbling across this is stupid s**t, she is fine as hell head to toe and guaranteed does't know you exist my man," Zendaya tweeted on Friday. "As for her, slay on queen."

After that fantastic moment, the "Something New" singer decided to enlist Twitter to help her find the bullied girl, in the hopes that she could model for Zendaya's clothing line, Daya by Zendaya.

"Can we find her @....I'd love for her to be a @dayabyzendaya model???," she wrote.

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Social media worked its magic and helped Zendaya locate the girl, who, as it turns out, is an aspiring model and was overwhelmed by the Shake It Up star's support.

"Im really speechless right now because becoming a plus size model has been my number one goal," Twitter user @_illestCee, wrote.

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The top of her page also has several photos pinned from a tweet she posted in November.

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We're sure Zendaya's glad to have her on the team!

Of course, helping out aspiring model's is nothing new for Zendaya, who gave America's Next Top Model contestants some truly sage runway wisdom last month. Watch below!

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