Father's Day 2020: Anderson Cooper, Johnny Galecki and More First-Time Dads to Celebrate This Weekend

ET's rounded up their cutest baby pics, best quotes on fatherhood (so far!) and more.

A handful of male celebrities have a lot to look forward to on Sunday, as many will be celebrating their first Father's Day!

In honor of the holiday, ET's rounded up some of the stars who became first-time dads this year, along with their cute baby pics, what they've said about fatherhood so far and more.


The CNN anchor welcomed son Wyatt via surrogate in April, and hasn't been able to stop gushing over his newborn ever since! "When I was 12 years old and knew I was gay and thought about my life, it always upset me because I thought, 'I will never be able to have a kid,'" Cooper, who is co-parenting his son with ex Benjamin Maisani, told People. "This is a dream come true. It feels like my life has actually begun."

"I sort of wonder, what was I waiting for?" he added. "This is a new level of love. It's unlike anything I've experienced, and yet it's also very familiar and incredibly special and intimate. It's really extraordinary."


The actor became a dad in March, after his fiancée, Jenna Dewan, gave birth to their adorable son Callum. "I wish I'd done this ten years ago," he later wrote on Instagram. "How could I know. How could I know. That the answer was so easy."

"My beautiful boy. I hope you see this someday and know that your daddy loves you better than anything in this world and that, to him, you are the brightest light in this darkest hour," he continued. "You give me hope. You give me love. You give me everything."


The Big Bang Theory star welcomed his first child, son Avery, with girlfriend Alaina Meyer back in December. "With full and grateful hearts we welcome our beautiful son into this incredible world," he shared via Instagram at the time. "Thank you for all of your love and support. ❤️❤️❤️"


The former Dawson's Creek star welcomed a daughter with wife Jodie Turner-Smith in April. Although he has yet to post any pics of himself with his baby girl, he did share a sweet glimpse of her all cradled up in Turner-Smith's arms for Mother's Day.

"Thank you for making me a father," he marveled. "For trusting me enough to embark on this journey together. I am humbled more and more every day by that."

"I love you. I love seeing you enter the pantheon of mothers," he added. "And I look forward to walking this path by your side as we nurture this little engine of joy you have blessed the world with."


Back in February, the One Tree Hill alum welcomed his first child, daughter Winnie, with wife Megan Park, which came as a total surprise to his fans.

"Remember that project I said I was working on...? The one I told you was my favorite thing I've ever been apart of and it killed me to keep it a secret from u...?? Welp, @meganparkitthere and I have kept it to ourselves long enough. Everyone... meet the newest member of our crew, our daughter, Winnie Hilton," he shared via Instagram at the time. "It feels like we've known her our whole lives already and being her Dad the most natural thing I've ever done."

"To say I'm obsessed doesn't quite do it justice," he continued. "So heads up, go ahead and click Unfollow if you're NOT interested in seeing me go full Dad on here for awhile... cause that's what's going down."


The actor's wife, Jazz Charton, gave birth to their beautiful baby girl, Kinsey Sioux, last September. "Parenthood is mistaking a hug for being used as a climbing frame," Charton joked on Instagram, sharing a pic of their daughter walking all over Culkin.


The "One Thing Right" singer revealed via Instagram last November that he and his wife, Katelyn, welcomed their first child, baby girl Kingsley Rose, into the world. 

"You are the most amazing dad already," Brown's wife gushed at the time. "I am in awe of you and how perfect of a dad you have been already in these past few days. No idea what I would do without you, love you so much ... Kingsley and I are the luckiest girls."


The country singer's family grew by one in March, when he welcomed his "mini me" son, Hayes, with wife Maren Morris. Speaking with ET one month later, Hurd explained the meaning behind their newborn's moniker.

"We stayed up late one night a couple years ago and I think we had too many drinks. Maren said, 'What would you name a boy if you had one?'" Hurd recalled. "And I was like, 'I always thought the name Hayes was cool,' and she remembered it."

Hayes' middle name, Andrew, also holds a special meaning for Hurd. "[It's] my little brother's name that passed away a few years ago," he said. "So, that was a really cool way to honor him and my family."


The brother of Paris and Nicky Hilton also became a dad in March, when his wife, Tessa, gave birth to their baby girl, Milou. "WE'RE HAVING A BABY!!!!" he wrote on Instagram last September, announcing the exciting news. "Not only did we meet on St. Barth's, but we had our wedding there just last year and about a month ago we found out that's where we conceived our first child! We owe everything to that beautiful island."


The host of The Doctors is the newest member to the dad club, as he and his wife, Parris, just welcomed their first child, son Grayson, on June 17.

"He's long at 22 inches and 8 lbs 6 oz. He had some trouble breathing due to meconium in his lungs so he's still in the ICU but he's doing great!" Stork shared on Instagram one day later. "He’s so very sweet and his mom was an absolute rockstar. I know everyone says when you see your first born it changes you. For me, it was seeing Grayson together with his mother. That's my family. My team. And I couldn't be more blessed!"