Ryan Hurd Shares the Sweet Story Behind Why He and Maren Morris Named Their Baby Hayes (Exclusive)

ET spoke with the country singer about his new single, ‘Every Other Memory,’ and life as a new parent with wife Maren Morris.

Ryan Hurd is feeling nostalgic! 

The 33-year-old country singer released his latest single, "Every Other Memory," on Monday, which he says is the "most normal song" he's ever released.

"It's really just a country lyric and lays really heavily on nostalgia, which is a huge part of our genre," Hurd exclusively tells ET via video chat. "Every kid grows up wishing they could be on the radio... I think 11-year-old Ryan just pinches myself."

Now, Hurd and wife Maren Morris have a kid of their own, Hayes Andrew Hurd, whom they welcomed on March 23. Whether baby Hayes will also have dreams of being on the radio will be up to him.

"I think he's born to be a math major!" Hurd jokes.

Time will tell if Hayes will follow in his famous parents' footsteps, but one thing is for certain -- he is already surrounded by music.

"We play him a lot of Beatles songs," the singer shares. "I like to sing him as many McCartney songs I can get...We're trying to just get him a good base of great music to listen to."

Next on the playlist might be Hurd's "Every Other Memory" since it also features Morris' background vocals.

"She's obviously got an open invitation to sing on whatever she wants," Hurd says. "We love working together."

Nowadays, "working together" takes on a whole new meaning for the new parents raising their son.

While Hurd says parenthood feels "natural" to them, he admits there are challenges. For him, the hardest part is making sure his wife is prioritizing her physical and mental health while also caring for their baby.

"It's a hard thing to come back from," Hurd says of childbirth. "Especially when you have a C-section."

Last month, Morris opened up about her 30-hour labor, emergency C-section and giving birth in a "global health crisis."

Now, Hurd updates that Morris is doing "great!"

"She's excited to just not be pregnant anymore," he jokes.

Meanwhile, the two certainly have their hands full with a newborn at their Nashville home. Literally. "My hands are always moving," Ryan motions.

However, they are quite the tag team as Morris feeds the baby and Hurd changes the diapers.

"It doesn't faze me," Hurd proudly exclaims. "You got to get it done. Gotta get it done, boy!"

And as for who their bundle of joy looks like, well, it's quite even.

"If you put my baby picture up next to his, it looks pretty similar," Hurd shares. "But then he's definitely got a lot of Maren features...his facial features."

While Hayes' looks may be a mixture of his two parents, when it comes to his name, Hurd says "it was all Maren's decision."

"We stayed up late one night a couple years ago and I think we had too many drinks," Hurd begins to share. 

"Maren said, 'What would you name a boy if you had one?' and I was like, 'I always thought the name Hayes was cool' and she remembered it."

Hayes' middle name, Andrew, is also special for the couple.

"[It's] my little brother's name that passed away a few years ago," Hurd says. "So, that was a really cool way to honor him and my family."

"It's been an amazing three weeks," Hurd gushes.

Something tells us the best is yet to come. After all, Hayes Hurd does sound like a pretty good stage name!

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