EXCLUSIVE: Alfonso Herrera Brings Sexy Back to the Church on 'The Exorcist'

The Mexican actor is one of ET's fall TV breakout stars to watch when Fox's adaptation premieres on Sept. 23.

“The first time I saw The
I was around 12 years old,” Alfonso Herrera, one of ET’s
fall TV breakout stars
who plays Father
Thomas on Fox’s TV adaptation of the 1970s film franchise, says about watching
the original at home in Mexico City, where he was born and raised. “My little
brother was around 8 years old, so I think he was a little more traumatized
than me.” 

Now, the 33-year-old actor admits he’s someone who scares
easily. “When I’m watching, when I’m a spectator -- oh, yeah,” he says,
revealing that the first episode, which premieres Friday, Sept. 23 at 9 p.m.
ET/PT, spooked him. And that’s a good thing. 

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“That’s one of the purposes: to scare people,” Alfonso says
of the thriller, which is packed full of suspense and jumpy moments. “Even
though it was a film that was made in 1973, it was very potent. We’re trying to
maintain that, so in a certain way, that [scariness] is a very positive thing
for the show.”

“I’m not a person who gets spooked out very much,” Geena
, who plays Angela Rance, says of making the show, while ratting out her
co-stars, Herrera and Ben Daniels. “[They] researched exorcisms and stuff
online and had nightmares. They couldn’t sleep after that. I was like, ‘Oh, I’m
glad I didn’t do any research.’”

“We did some research about things that occurred around the
world. There were two events that I saw -- a boy in Chile and a woman in Spain
-- it was very, very intense,” Herrera reveals. But he says it was all about
getting into the head of Father Thomas. “I was very interested in understanding
my character, because if you understand the character you can react very easily
to an external factor.” 


Beneath all the fright and the priest cloaks is a hunky
young man. Though, based on what ET has seen of The Exorcist, it doesn’t seem like fans will get to fully
appreciate it. For that, they’ll have to check out Herrera’s other recurring
role as Hernando on Netflix’s Sense8

His part is notable for the onscreen romance he shared with
Miguel Ángel Silvestre, who plays closeted Mexican actor Lito. Their
relationship (and sex scenes) quickly made them fan favorites among gay viewers.
“You have to let your ego go in a way,” Herrera told
Out last year
about bringing
authenticity to the relationship. “I think the aesthetic of it was quite
beautiful. The whole deal was trying to show that we were totally in love.”

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And fans of the Wachowskis’ series need not to worry about
Hernando. Herrera has been spotted on set and on social
filming season two earlier this year. 

As handsome as Herrera is, it won’t be hard for fans to take
notice -- or appreciate his presence onscreen. But sadly, he’s off the market.
Wearing a wedding ring while talking to ET, he says “there is someone,” and, according to
, a baby on the way. But no demons, of course!