Felicity Huffman Has 6 to 10 Months to Live in 'Tammy's Always Dying' Trailer (Exclusive)

The dark comedy about a hard-partying, self-destructive train wreck of a mom.

Felicity Huffman is a hard-partying, self-destructive woman on the edge (literally) in her new movie, Tammy's Always Dying -- and ET can exclusively debut the trailer.
The dark comedy stars Huffman as the titular Tammy, the alcoholic, out-of-work mother to a grown daughter, Catherine (played by Anastasia Phillips). Their strained relationship becomes even more complicated when Tammy receives a terminal cancer diagnosis and Catherine is forced to act as her caretaker in her mother's final days.
"Taking care of me is the only thing you've ever been good at," Tammy says in the preview.
"Why won't you... just die?" Catherine responds to Tammy's delight.
Tammy's Always Dying comes from writer Joanne Sarazen and director Amy Jo Johnson (whom you may also know as the original Pink Power Ranger). It will be streaming online everywhere on May 1.

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