Felicity Huffman's Daughter Sofia Puts College Plans on Hold Amid Admissions Scandal

Felicity Huffman

Last month, Huffman pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and honest services mail fraud.

Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy's eldest daughter is taking some time off after her high school graduation.

ET has learned that the couple's daughter, Sofia's, college plans have been put on hold, amid the college admissions cheating scandal. On Wednesday, Macy was spotted holding congratulatory balloons for his 18-year-old daughter, who's graduating from high school.

Last month, Huffman pleaded guilty to charges of mail fraud and honest services mail fraud after being accused of paying $15,000 to help get Sofia into an elite college by cheating on the SAT.

A source tells ET on Thursday that the Macy family is spending a lot of time together as they await Huffman's sentencing, and that Sofia and the couple's youngest daughter, 17-year-old Georgia, hold no ill will toward their parents as a result of the scandal.

"While William and Felicity have been through a lot, they are coming to terms with their situation and are dedicated to picking up the pieces and putting their family life back together," the source explains. "Felicity's friends and fans are proud of how brave and honest she’s been. She's been as transparent as possible and knows she made a mistake."

"The family realizes Felicity might serve time and while they wait for the sentencing, they are taking it one day at a time and truly appreciating what they have," the source adds. "Their daughters are doing well and have tried to keep their routines and make the best of the end of the school year, and are making summer plans. They are definitely planning a lot of quality family time. The girls are very close to their mom and dad and have been sympathetic throughout. They will do anything they can to be there for their mother."

Huffman, on her end, is trying to atone for her actions, with another source telling ET that she "worries non-stop because she knows she has made the worst mistake of her life."

“Felicity and William are doing their very best to stand a united front," the source continued, adding, "This experience has been humbling for Felicity. She is completely aware of her mistake and wants nothing more than to get past this time." 

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