Fergie Chokes Up Talking About Marriage to Josh Duhamel, Says She Thought It Would be 'Forever'

Fergie on Wendy Williams
The Wendy Williams Show

“It wasn’t my plan. I wanted to stay married forever."

Fergie never saw herself as a divorcee.

In a clip released for Thursday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, the 42-year-old singer opens up about her split from husband Josh Duhamel after eight years of marriage and around 13 years together. 

"It wasn’t my plan," she says of their breakup. "I wanted to stay married forever."

Fergie adds that she still has a lot of love for Duhamel, who is the father of her 4-year-old son, Axl Jack. "I love Josh, he’s the father of my child," she says, choking up. "You’re making me cry."

As for co-parenting with the 44-year-old actor, the "Big Girls Don't Cry" singer notes, "We forever have that project together and we’re doing the best we can."

Fergie and Duhamel split in February but didn't announce their breakup until September. The pop star also confided to ET about how she's staying amicable with her ex.

"We're great friends, Josh and I, there's so much love that we have for each other," she explained. "We really like each other, we have fun with each other. We're just not a romantic couple anymore."

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