Fergie 'Feels Good' After Filing for Divorce From Josh Duhamel, Source Says

A source tells ET the singer 'finally had the strength' to file the paperwork, nearly two years after announcing their split.

Fergie is ready to move on for good.

The singer officially filed for divorce from Josh Duhamel last Friday, nearly two years after they announced their separation. Now, a source is telling ET what led Fergie to finally file the paperwork at the Pasadena Courthouse in California.

"Fergie has always put health and parenting first in her life. She is finally ready to say [her marriage] is over for good and that's what led her to file for divorce," the source says. "Fergie finally had the strength to say her marriage to Josh was over once and for all. Those closest to her knew she would get to this point eventually. She feels good standing on her own and it was time to let go."

Since announcing their split in September 2017, Fergie and Josh, who share 5-year-old son Axl, have remained friends, and there's no bad blood between the amiable couple.

"Josh has been there for Fergie and they have managed to co-parent very well," the source says, adding that friends believe Josh was ready to be divorced, but "waited" for Fergie to take that step out of respect. "Josh loves Fergie and is happy she's moved forward. He's moved on and wants to remain a close friend to Fergie."

The source adds that Fergie is "doing so incredibly well" right now, focusing on herself and getting ready to work on new music.

"She isn't interested in dating yet, but she is healthy and extremely focused on working and standing on her own," the source says. "She's even interested in doing more personal and solo artist work. She's told friends she is ready to reveal herself more in her music. She is ready to delve deep and share herself and her experiences."

"Her fans will love what she has in store because she is incredibly creative," the source adds. "She's overcome a great deal of pain and has so much to share."

When ET spoke with Fergie last June, she opened up about what it's like co-parenting with Josh. "We split it up really balanced," she shared. "We're all love and we love each other. We're all cool and just a family. I have a good co-parenting partner, so we work it out."

Josh echoed his ex's words, telling ET days later that they "get along great."

"We just love our kid and want the best for him," he told ET at the 2018 NBA Awards. "Fergie and I get along great. We have a lot of love and there's no reason to not do the best we can to raise our kid. He's No. 1."

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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