Fergie Sets Record Straight on Quentin Tarantino Biting Her in Resurfaced 'Planet Terror' Footage (Exclusive)

The singer says the behind-the-scenes footage from 2007 has been taken out of context.

Fergie is setting the record straight about recently resurfaced interviews from the set of Planet Terror, in which she says Quentin Tarantino, who was playing a zombie, actually bit her while shooting the film.

The "L.A.LOVE" singer spoke with ET's Katie Krause outside the wrap party for the first season of the FOX singing competition The Four: Battle for Stardom, held at Delilah in West Hollywood, where she dismissed the story and said the interviews are being taken out of context.

"First off, I stand with victims everywhere no matter what genre, race, gender, age. I stand with victims period, and I don't want to take away from anyone's story," the 42-year-old singer explained. "That just wasn't my story."

The behind-the-scenes footage, which appeared in the bonus features on the special edition DVD, shows Fergie, who starred in the 2007 horror comedy, getting attacked by a group of zombies led by Tarantino. In the clip, the "Fergalicious" singer also shows a bruise that Tarantino allegedly left on her arm from his bite, however she playfully disregards it and says "by the end of this shoot, I will bite him back."

The footage was dredged up following Uma Thurman's New York Times interview earlier this week in which she alleged Tarantino endangered her safety on the set of Kill Bill when he forced her to appear in a scene that required her to drive a car that she felt unsafe filming. While shooting, Thurman ended up crashing into a tree and sustaining several injuries.

Fergie, however, says that her interactions with Tarantino as seen in the Planet Terror footage don’t have a place in the larger conversation about mistreatment of women and abuse of power within Hollywood.

"We were just kind of having banter. We were having a little bit of fun," she explained. "But make no mistake, I don't want to take away from anyone's story, and I stand with every victim and everyone's story everywhere."

Always a fountain of positivity and support, Fergie also opened up about the season finale of The Four and why she enjoys her role as a host.

"I think we have some of the best talent that any show has got to offer," she explained. "This show is such a platform, and I love it."

The night's big winner was aspiring songstress Evvie McKinney, whom Fergie praised, telling ET, "[She] is a beast!"