First 'Rocketman' Teaser Will Give You Chills as Taron Egerton Embodies Elton John

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Doing the Rocket Man justice!

The first teaser-trailer for the upcoming Elton John biopic, Rocketman, was released on Monday, and star Taron Egerton certainly steps up to the plate, portraying the legendary British singer. 

Egerton, 28, is the spitting image of John, donning some of the flamboyant singer’s most iconic looks, including his rhinestone-covered L.A. Dodgers outfit, oversized sunglasses, and platform boots. 

“There are moments in a rockstar’s life that define who he is. Where there was darkness, there is now you,” the narrator of the clip says. “And it’s going to be a wild ride.” 

It’s clear that’s the case in the teaser when an incapacitated John falls into the pool, lies on a stretcher, and causes a crowd to literally levitate to his music. 

Egerton also shows off his vocal chops in the clip, singing the film’s titular track — John’s 1972 hit song, “Rocket Man.” 

Earlier this month, Egerton opened up to ET’s Kevin Frazier about his costumes for the film, saying, “A lot of them aren’t very comfortable to wear.” 

John has already voiced his support of Egerton in the role, posting to Instagram after the first image from the film was released last week. “Hold on to your glasses, this is going to be a wild ride!! Here’s Taron Egerton (portraying me!) on the set of the #Rocketman movie,” he wrote at the time. 

John was singing a slightly different tune to ET back in April following a GRAMMY tribute concert in his honor. At the time, the pop music icon said he hated watching other people perform his songs. "It’s horrible because you have no control,” he explained to ET’s Frazier. "When I’m on stage, I know if something happens, I’m in control.”

Thankfully, John is a producer on the film, giving him more control over how the story is told. 

Rocketman is set to hit theaters on May 31, 2019. 


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