Francia Raisa on Her Quarantine Workouts, Joining a Dating App & Filming First Sex Scene (Exclusive)

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Francia Raisa is keeping busy amid self isolation.

The 31-year-old actress opened up to ET’s Deidre Behar via video chat about how she's staying active while in quarantine during the coronavirus outbreak, her viral TikTok videos and what fans can expect when Grown-ish returns to the small screen.

A certified yoga instructor, Raisa has been leading daily flows on her Instagram Live, which she said has been "very rewarding."

"Doing this has been holding me accountable to make sure I workout," she shared. "And just the feedback I've been getting from other people, they told me [they've] been suffering from a lot of anxiety being quarantined in and this has been helping them release their anxiety and calm them down."

Francia got her training done last summer and revealed that she did so after feeling depressed after her kidney surgery. The actress donated a kidney to Selena Gomez in 2017.

"When I had to self isolate myself almost three years ago now because of my kidney surgery, I was depressed. I was frustrated," she shared. "I was going crazy, probably how everyone is right now, and when this happened I was like, I'm not gonna do that to myself anymore again. I didn't take advantage of that time to reset… So I'm filling my time with working out because I couldn't work out last time."

Aside from working out, she's also having a blast uploading videos on TikTok, including an impressive recreation of Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl halftime show choreography and a scene from her cult classic film, Bring It On: All or Nothing.

"I'm having a lot of fun, I'm so glad I'm dancing again," Raisa said, adding that at first she was reluctant to join the social media platform. However, she couldn't help but try J.Lo's virtual challenge.

"My friend was like, you should do the J.Lo challenge and I was like, OK," she recalled. "So I did it and he told me to do that effect and stuff and I was like, 'Oh my god, is J.Lo gonna see this?' Like, I died. I was so happy and I'm having a lot of fun. But I'll tell you what, my body hurts after that J.Lo one."

Meanwhile, the newly-single Raisa is also thinking about joining another social media platform: a dating app.

"I'm not on an app. I've been thinking about going on an app. I've been thinking about going on Raya. I just haven't done it yet," she confessed, adding that she's "definitely open to" pursuing a new relationship.

"I'm turning 32 in July and I think what I've learned from it is that I'm definitely in a place now where I'm sort of ready to settle down," Raisa expressed. "I've been dating my whole life. I've never been married, engaged or anything. I definitely learned what I need versus what I want from a partner, which is a huge difference, and what I need versus what people want from me as a partner… One of the three things that I always say is, 'pursue, provide, protect.' Those are three things I want in a partner, but I also want to be able to provide that to a partner."

She's also learned to "call BS right away" when she knows someone is not going to work out.

"I've definitely learned the boundaries that I have and I just don't mess around anymore. I'm literally like, sorry I call BS right away."

As for Raisa’s Freeform series, Grown-ish, she said production is halted while the world practices social distancing; but, she teased there is a lot to look forward to in upcoming episodes, including her very first sex scene. For those familiar with the series, Raisa's Ana has been getting cozy with Javi (Henri Esteve).

"As far as Javi, listen, it's hilarious what's going to happen with them. I'll tell you this, I had my first scene where it was a closed set," she revealed. "Closed set means no one is allowed on stage just the actors and the people needed for the scene, the cameraman, the DP and the director and a couple producers. No one else is allowed on set because there are stuff happening that, you know, some actors might not feel comfortable showing everyone…Intimate things happen."

As for how she felt to do her first intimate scene, Raisa said that "it's so technical that I was just making sure that I was able to do the right things for camera angles. Both Henri and I were just tired because you have to shoot it over and over and over again and I was just trying to make sure that my abs came through."

Watch the video above to hear more about what to expect on Grown-ish, how to work out with her and much more.


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