Frankie Grande on His Journey to Self-Love (Exclusive)

The singer tells ET how personal his new song, 'I Got Me,' is for him.

Frankie Grande has come a long way, and is all about self-love.

The 36-year-old's latest song, "I Got Me," is a very personal one that he wrote after going through a dark time.

"The message about 'I Got Me' and standing on your own two feet, it just didn't feel actually authentic to myself because I was actually going through kind of a dark time," Grande told ET, explaining that he wrote the song about three years ago. "It was right at the height of my addiction and me not being pure and ready to communicate this message to the world at all, so I shelved it. Completely shelved it. And when I was going to start up my Twitch channel with my boyfriend, I wanted an intro video that was bright and positive and kind of was like a highlight of my life."

While the song may not have applied to his life back then, it encompasses everything that he's going through now.

"This song I recorded three years ago actually genuinely applies to my life right now in this moment," Grande expressed. "Because I am standing strong, I have an amazing community, I am almost two-and-a-half years sober and I feel like I'm finally standing on my own two legs because of the support of the people that I've had around me in my life. Now it was time for the song."

Grande -- who has previously shared that he had battled an addition with alcohol and pills -- has come a long way and makes sure to practice self-love every day. "Every day I wake up. I pray, I meditate," he shared. "I have a core group of people and friends that I send gratitude lists every single morning, just to start myself off the day in a place of love and gratitude and to remind myself that my primary purpose on this planet is to just be loving, to make other people smile and to go through the whole day in a place of giving."

The music video for "I Got Me" is also "raw and real," with Grande setting up a green screen, having his pals do his makeup and him surrounded by those he loves most. 

"It's not like this massive budget over-produced music video. That's not the feel of this whole song or this whole release," Grande explained. "It's just about family and the people who have gotten me to where I am today. Got me to the place where I can sing 'I Got Me,' genuinely, and believe what I'm singing."

Grande continued by expressing how his family, including sister Ariana Grande, are the people he turns to when he needs help.

"They were the ones that really just put me on the road of recovery, like literally. Like physically," he detailed. "They were like, 'This is where you're going.' And I did. And then I think we've all grown together. I think as my journey of self-love has begun, it is also reflected in my sister, reflected in mother, reflected in my grandmother. I feel like we all just kind of started growing up all together because we had to."

"When any dynamic, any relationship, when one person changes, the other person has to change," he continued. "It's not like anything can stay the same once somebody makes such a drastic shift to become sober. I think we all grew together. And we all help each other, all the time."

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